2008 St. Louis Regional

So far this seems to be the least loved of the first week regionals.

Only 13 teams registered with us (829) being the lowest numbered team.

What teams have plans to make this their second (in this case first) regional?

If slots remain available, Team #292 - PantherTech plans on attending the St. Louis Regional this year.

We would welcome a second Indiana invasion. It seemed to work out well last year. :slight_smile:

It is one of the regionals our team is thinking about for our second. We are also thinking about GLR and Minnesota.

If it is in the stars for the CyberCards to go out-of-state in 2008, SLR is certainly on our short list.

Want a ride?

The TechnoKats had a lively debate about where to go this season. St Louis was a popular option, but in the end we put a slightly higher priority on going to a new (for us) regional than on playing with old friends again.

Were debating between st. louis and the GLR but St. Louis is winning

We’ll be registering for St. Louis again, this year.

I see that 1444, 148, and 839 have all registered for St. Louis, creating the possibility of a title defense by the 2007 winning alliance. Of course, 931 will do all that we graciously can do to keep that from happening. [edit]I garbled that thought: the idea started as a rematch of last year’s final. However, recalling Alan’s earlier post, a rematch won’t be happening. Sorry about my confused rambling…[/edit]

Whatever the outcome, we look forward to seeing old friends again, and to making some new ones. :slight_smile:

I got word today that we’ve remedied that situation: Team 85, Built On Brains, is coming down from Zeeland, MI to play with you guys.

Our neighbors to the east and my original team, the RoboDAWGS from Grandville (288), will also be coming down to represent West Michigan. I believe Holland Christian (107) is also considering making the trip.

I’m looking forward to a fun time, but not the long drive.

Platteville Team 171 should be attending from Wisconsin. It’s looking as if 269 may only do one regional this year due to the fact that the team is so young this year. But if we do do a second, it will be St Louis.

Cool Michigan invasion.

Looks like an Alabama invasion, too. 442 and 538 are coming back for the first time since 2003. Two award winning teams from down near Huntsville.

Last time they were here, 442 took the Judges Award and 538 the Regional Chairman’s Award – and both teams have been making noise at other regionals since then.

So we can look forward to strong visiting competitors from both North and South. :slight_smile:

The Minnesota Regional filled up fast, so it looks like you might be seeing 45 at the St.Louis Regional after all. Not a for sure thing yet, but that’s what its looking like.

It would be great to have the TechnoKats here again. :slight_smile: We still need to get Andy Baker up in the Arch.

We tried to get the entire team to go to the arch last year but the adults wouldn’t go for it. Maybe you can convince Andy this year. =]

A trip to the Arch exposes young and not-so-young technology fans to one of the finest and most inspirational projects of the mid-twentieth century. Soaring art meets cold mathematical precision in the form of an exquisite inverted catenary curve, its every element in strength maximizing compression. It was a bold architectural concept, and an even more audacious engineering effort – the first tall structure to be built by pouring concrete while pre-stressing the reinforcement bars, its steel inner and stainless-steel outer skins rising in precisely assembled sections, its welds tested to permit no defects. All of this in the early 1960s.

The sight has inspired many visitors, but none more so than students of technology. Like the SR-71, it amazes us today when we recall that its engineers relied on a deep understanding of physical principles and performed the required calculations using slide-rules, all the while confident that the object of their efforts, something never tried before, was nevertheless within their grasp.

Now visible on the FIRST site: [strike]28[/strike] 30 teams are confirmed for St. Louis, and [strike]17[/strike] 16 are pending. The confirmed teams represent eight states.

2 from Alabama
1 from Iowa
1 from Illinois
[strike]3[/strike] from Indiana (make that 4; see wilmo’s post below)
[strike]3[/strike] from Michigan (make that 4; see Paul Copioli’s post below)
16 from Missouri
1 from Nebraska
1 from Texas

Last year’s St. Louis field represented eleven states. We’ve got about a month to go before the registration deadline, so expect the field to get even more geographically diverse. :slight_smile:

we’re coming