2008 Team Paradox 2102 Robot


not really. Tomorrow is “scooter day” at my school, and my friend and I thought it was a great idea to retrofit a CIM to my old Razer scooter. It’s pretty awesome…

and really sketchy…

So, how have you all been passing the time since shipping?

heh. That was a good couple of hours. Here is a basic list of what you’ll need for your very own ghetto moped

1 scooter
2 belt sprockets + belt
1 CIM motor
Aluminum Sheet Metal
TIG welder, or more ductape

Here’s what we did:

  1. Build one new wheel mounting bracket to fit the sprocket in, weld it to chassis
  2. Build motor plate
  3. Run out of argon/patience & ductape the rest together
  4. Wire a 40amp fuse + switch
  5. Stick some more wood for a place to stand
  6. Enjoy


p.s. It can go around 6 or 7 mph, wear your helmet and rubber soled shoes just incase

Sketchy is the correct term. Good job! :slight_smile:

you so are going to electricute your self:ahh:

wow, i wish i had that idea before you got it xD

im sure you will win if there is a contest :smiley:

no, but we totally fried the motor and bent the 8th inch aluminum holding the wheel in.

It was fun while it lasted…

How do these motors get fried? Won’t they operate at stall for some time before damage? Looks like a sweet scooter though.

Nice scooter, is the wood plank for standing on and how stable is the scooter itself>

The motor is fine, we just busted the sprocket. Anyways it was pretty awesome, we’ll work on version 2 once competitions are over.

It was really funt to ride but extremly sketchy. The wood is for tentioning and for placement for your feet (we tensioned it by pushing the plank down)

Wow thats wicked sick. Very nice… hope you won scooter day with that beast.

How fast did it go?

If you’re looking for an idea for next time… maybe a motorized piece of furniture instead? Maybe a lazy-boy? :]


scooter day isn’t really a competition, so there wasn’t much winning to do, but it was definitely sick. It wasn’t all that fast, but oh well.

And as for the lazy-boy, we’ve already thought of it ;). a desk would be really sick too.