2008 Ultimate Alliance

What alliance of any three robots would be absolutely unbeatable this year? I know it’s only week 2 but this is based on what we’ve seen so far.

Mine would be 217, 1114, and 118. Maybe 58, 118, and 121?

Who is your ultimate alliance??

i think that the ultimate alliance has to include 3 hurdlers, just in case one gets blocked all the time.
For know, mine is 1114, 16 and 217. (if 217 and 16 improve their hybrid)
By what i can see, 330 could easily replace any of those, but i haven’t seen it yet

I’d like to see what it would be like if 816, 1114, and 103 were on an alliance. I can only dream.

1114, 103, 1625

Edit: nevermind. 931, 217, 288. Green aah-liii-aance :slight_smile:

121, 1519, 1565 (us)!! only because we all look the same and have different drive systems XD

Personally, I think you should go with to fast hurdlers and the fastest lap bot ever. They should all have good hybrid modes and even a defensive hybrid thrown in there. These are the alliances you will see do well in coming regionals and nats.

I really enjoyed watching 1114’s alliance at Midwest. They had excellent strategy and had 2041 bring the 2nd ball around while 1114 had the other, and 1114 would hurdle the 1st ball and turn around and take the ball 2041 had left there and hurdle it. I thought this was a great idea and use of the 3rd robot on a team.

1114, 217, and 148

Personally, I’m going to see how the rest of the regionals pan out. Don’t worry I’ll come back to this.:smiley:

You are all looking to the past. What about the teams who have action plans in place to either improve to or to exceed the levels of the best robots out there? The best teams never settle for the status quo, but keep looking for that edge that will turn a good robot into a great robot. The students of 2062 have taken on an ambitious improvement schedule that when complete could push that team up to where the Chickens are or beyond.

We will have to wait and see but I know these young men can turn this bot around into a great one. Yes, it will be a bit of a time crunch doing all the work at the regional but we have come through in the past and will this year also. Wisconsin regional here we come!!!

Personally I’d love to see 71,118,148 vs. 1114,217, 330. That’d be an epic match…

This match gets my popcorn poppin’ based on the regionals so far! :smiley:

1114 217 449 vs 103 118 1980

The Sim-Chicken-Robot Project vs the Cybersonic Robo Brigade

39, 1114, 118
39, 1726, 842, this might actully happen in AZ

haha, I really hope so, that would be quite epic!

I think any alliance that has 1114 and 217 paired up will have a very good chance of winning just about any match they play. 1024 would be a good third, they seem very capable of doing anything that is required of them (hurdling, lapping, racking up points in auto, etc.) Keep in mind that we still haven’t seen the pink robot or the 254/968 robots yet!

As for ultimate cool robot alliance: 1501, 16, and 148. I would seriously love to see that.

Grant… your dream came true in St. Louis.

Qualification Match 62 had the red alliance looking all green, as you can see here on The Blue Alliance.

Andy B.

Coolest match i ever played in… all you could hear from that stands was “GREEEN ALLIANCE!!”

1114, 118, and 1024

Too bad it’s impossible for three teams all in the top 8 to pair up :wink:

It’s far too early to cast my vote for ultimate alliance yet, I think I’ll need to see how the other 5 weeks of Regionals play out first. I do believe it will be a shooter, arm, and herder/racer alliance though.

It’s too early. Maybe around Week 3, I’ll weigh in. Actually…Hold that, between the last week of regionals and the Championship.

As of now I’d have to say 1114, 573, and 148 but that could change.