2008 vs 2009 (AutoCAD)

2008 vs 2009 (AutoCAD – not FRC!)

I’ve got a question for the AutoCAD CD community which may or not be answered here, but at least it may give me an idea of what I should do. I figure there must be enough people who went thru what I soon must go thru, and maybe give me a direction.

Currently I’m using Autodesk Architectural Desktop 2004, an architectural version of AutoCAD. It is my own licensed copy, used on my own laptop which I use for my job as a designer/draftsman for a construction company. I’ve used AutoCAD since release 12 which I got from a $200 upgrade from version 2 which I owned but never used (no mouse in those days!). I’m good at it and get paid for it too, which is good too. I only use the basic architectural stuff (walls, doors, windows, objects) and rarely 3D, but I like it as I can put together a plan in no time flat. I don’t interact too much with others with my drawings and I’m not too concerned that others can’t read the objects in my drawings. But I’m starting to get drawings from the next AutoCAD level that takes some tweaking to read and it’s time to think about upgrading. I’ve been in the Subscription service for a year, mostly because Autodesk won’t deal with older license holders, and currently I have both the AutoCAD Architecture 2008 and 2009 disks sitting on my desk.

Which version should I upgrade to?

It might be simple to say 2009, but it just came in the mail and if AutoCAD has a track record, it’s with bugs and new releases. I’ve read the AutoCAD newsgroups and I’ve seen maybe one positive thread out of dozens of complaints regarding 2009. I hate to have to figure out if it’s a bug or just a new feature. I also have a 2006 Dell Inspiron 9300 laptop (with a monster 17" screen!) with 798 MHz cpu and 1 gig of ram, which may not take the upgrade happily. Finally, the “Odd Year Version” – never use an odd numbered AutoCAD. While I’m not superstitious, I’ve heard this story since the horrible R13 version, and the still used excellent R14 version.

So, is it 2008? I may have the same computer troubles as 2009, and it may end up I upgrade or buy a newer laptop anyway. But at least if I have to upgrade, I won’t have to backtrack down.

Or (as a choice) do I stick with 2004 until I really must upgrade or die? (I do know people who stuck with R14 – that was confusing working there, going from 2004 to R14 and back!)

What say you? Convince me 2008 vs 2009! Thanks for all comments.


I am using 2008 and it works fine, I rather use a year older than whats out then upgrade when the next comes out. Have you thought of just getting a free student version from here? http://students6.autodesk.com/?lbon=1

Thanks for the answer, zachjo. The way Autodesk operates you’re right that not rushing to install the latest version is probably right. I don’t need to upload the student version, as I own the license to AutoCAD, and if you have to ask how much $$$, you really don’t want to know :slight_smile: :eek: :ahh: . Let’s just say that the subscription upgrade is only a little cheaper than jumping several years of upgrades.

Speaking of which, I have to correct myself: I have ADT2007 and ACA2009, not 2008. Either way I have an odd numbered year to deal with. I may wait for 2009 to shake out and then install it. Then I’ll have (counts on fingers) another five years for the next upgrade.

If the Architectural series lasts, of course. My dealer was trying to get me to go to Revit. “Even better!” “Everyone uses it!” are his claims. But Revit is not AutoCAD, and I’m sure the engineers I work with do not want to try to convert from that.

Anybody with an opinion on Revit?

I actually also use Revit and it is much different from Autocad. I use it for when I need to make a 3d building model or blue prints, etc. Autocad is what I use for making my 2d drawings of objects or for mkaing the tool paths for my cnc machines.