2008 vs 2014 Ball

How does the ball from the 2008 season compare to the 2014 ball (eg. size, weight, fabric cover, inflation, how much it “bounces” when dropped or thrown, etc.)?

We are looking at videos of 2008 robots and would like to understand if similar mechanisms would work with the 2014 ball or if ball characteristics are different enough to require significant modifications.

The cover seems like the same fabric.

The 2008 ball was 8 pounds and 40" in diameter. This year’s ball is 2 pounds.

Thanks! It is helpful to know that the 2014 ball is both smaller and lighter than the 2008 ball.

If your team has not already done so, I highly recommend you begin a thorough look into what these two groups of people have done within the past 3 days.


Not sure about your accuracy on the 2008 ball, but from what I’ve been seeing, the 2014 ball is more like 2.75lbs.

If I had to guess, I wouldn’t have said the 2008 ball was 8 pounds, (I’d guess lighter, in the 5-6 lb range), but maybe.

Otherwise, though, the balls are of similar construction. The fabric pouches are similar and the bladder inside is similar too. From what I recall (I haven’t had a 2008 ball in my hands in a few years), they have similar “bounciness” characteristics.

Overall, I would say yes, lessons learned from mechanisms used in 2008 will be VERY applicable to manipulating the 2014 BALL.

Does the ball have similar characteristics? For example when thrown buy human player or robot, will both have similar bounce (eg. making floor pickup more time consuming) or ease of rolling on the carpet?

It was more than 5-6 pounds.

Per the 2008 manual, they weighed 7.3 lbs.

2014 ball is smaller.

2014 ball: 24 in.
2008 ball: 36 in.

does anybody know if we can shot from the goalie zone on the same side as the goal?

does anybody know if we can shot from the goalie zone on the same side as the goal?

You have to score from the close side of the TRUSS. I don’t remember exactly what rule this is, but it is there.

Yeah. The goalie zone is not protected at all. It is just the zone where a defending robot can be taller than 5’. It is not protected at all and you are fully allowed to occupy/ hit other robots in both zones.

Note that in the goalie zone directly below the goal you are scoring in you are not allowed to be above 5’. only the goalie zone below your opponent’s goal (right in front of your driver station)

the size if different and the height is a different requirement but for exact details read manual.

It’s in section 3.1.4:

[quote=]A BALL is considered SCORED in an ALLIANCE’S GOAL if
A) a ROBOT causes one (1) of their ALLIANCE’S BALLS to cross completely through the opening(s) of one (1) of their ALLIANCE’S GOALS without intervening human contact,
B) the ALLIANCE ROBOT last in contact with the BALL was entirely between the TRUSS and their ALLIANCE’S HIGH GOALS, and
C) the BALL is not in contact with any ROBOT from that ALLIANCE.[/quote]

That isn’t very helpful…

Going back to 2008:


Looks like they are about 16" (diameter) smaller, as well as being about half the weight.

You can check out additional posts from the past by using the search option to look for “trackball”, “overdrive”, etc.

Good luck.