2008 Wisconsin Regional

March 13-15th, 2008
US Cellular Arena - Milwaukee, WI
54 Team Capacity

There is currently 23 teams signed up for the regional with 31 spots still open. The list so far looks similar to who attended last year. Are any teams looking at Wisconsin as their second regional?

166 is working on registering for the Wisconsin regional!

The team was excited about the team social, so that played a big factor in voting to go.

Wisconsin is high our list. Looks like a very good field, and our team has never been there before. I expect 931 will make a decision soon.

1103 will be there. Looks like it will be a good group.

I dont know if we will go (yet). I think we will if we get the NASA grant. Is there a registration deadline for the WI regional? i know it will fill up pretty fast but is there an official deadline?

thanks, vivek

Technically the deadline is December 3rd, but the regional will fill up before that.

hmm… isnt that also when they will anounce who recieved the nasa grant? that might be problematic…

sigh…, vivek

NASA grants are announced “No later than November 19th”. I believe you can still get registered as a pending team. Though I don’t really know the difference in not being registered and being a pending team.

Thank you Andy.

I will take that up with our administration…
that clears things up.

thanks, vivek

Oh! That would be so- err… wicked awesome!

Maybe we could get back together in the elimination rounds. :stuck_out_tongue:

Discovery World is an awesome venue - you will not be disappointed if you make the trip to Milwaukee!

Oh…and I hear that silly little robot competition is pretty neat too! :]

Seconded. Big Dave G does not disappoint when it comes to fun.

Team 930’s gonna be there! We were in the second place alliance last year so were hopin to do just as good this year!

Wisconsin Regional teams still looking to make accommodations in Milwaukee:

The Regional Planning Committee has just struck a deal with a hotel right across the street from the US Cellular arena. It is a pretty decent deal at a great hotel.

Early next week we will have an 800 number and website for reservations with details emailed to teams but I wanted to get this out there in case people were still looking.



so I am taking registration filled up?

I really wish our team went to a away regional because the away part is really a great experience. we will just be carpooling from homes to the competetion this year since its like a 30 min. drive


The Wisconsin Regional will be at full capacity this year, at 63 or 64 teams, making it the largest regional in the US behind the Connecticut Regional.

Should be another rocking time at the Arena, as well as at the brand new social site, Discovery World on Lake Michigan.

Also FYI to teams:

Hyatt Hotel Contract
Monday, December 10, 2007
The FIRST Wisconsin Regional has contracted with the Hyatt Hotel & Resort - Milwaukee. Teams can reserve rooms for $99 per night. More information can be found on the lodging page or by vising the Hyatt website.

This will also be going out in an e-mail to Team Contacts shortly.

cool beans!!

Can someone tell me if there are any other regionals in the states surrounding Minnesota that have not filled up yet? it would be cool to go to a second regional…

1714 will be there. This will be cool with over 60 teams. You will really need to fight your way into the finals though.

I’ll be there!

P.S. 64 teams!!! Wow thats nuts!!!

Team 2169 will be there…were hopin for another great year… 64 teams is crazy :ahh: its going to make it tough to win… this should be fun :slight_smile: