2009 10,000 Lakes Regional

We’re less than a week away! A lot of rookie teams, so that means a lot of surprises!

Who’s all going?


Team 2062** C.O.R.E.** will be there thanks to your team. We appreciate the use of 1/2 your trailer to transport our pit and parts.

We look forward to being there.

EPHS Robotics Team 2502 will be there.

19 rookie teams, and another 22 second year teams, but keep in mind that this is Minnesota, where “The robots are good-looking and all the teams are above average” (it even says so on the regional webpage) :slight_smile:

If last year’s regional was any indication, I expect to see a much higher level of competition than one would expect from such a “young” regional. 10 teams have already competed at one or more regionals.

2530 and 2861 will both be there.

And I’ll be at the inspection station, feel free to stop by and say “hi”

It will be very important that all the teams understand the human player rules. Most of the penalties are coming from the human players

Top 10 ways for a Payload Specialist to get penalties, and lose the match.

  1. Touching the robot control-panel at any time during the match.
  2. Not being buckled-up in the Outpost seat.
  3. Leaving their refueling station rectangle during the match.
  4. Breaking the plane of the playing field with any part of their body.
  5. Reaching beyond the airlock with the tongs.
  6. Touching the robot at any time during the game.
  7. Picking up a moon rock before the BUZZER to start the autonomous.
  8. Throwing an empty cell over the Outpost Station wall.
  9. Picking up any rock/cell in the refueling station without using the tongs.
  10. Touching a super-cell IN ANY WAY prior to the 20-second warning.

Print these out and hand them to your alliance partners. I guarantee it will help you. The team I mentor has went nearly penalty free for two regionals.

I am your game announce and will hate to have to have to call out penalties.

Good Luck to all!

That isnt a penalty, it can be touched, but it just cannot be removed from the rack. I dont like seeing penaltys called for things that arent illegal.

I will be there as a “roving volunteer” (not sure which site or exactly what i will be doing :slight_smile: ).

I am looking forward to Friday and Saturday in Minneapolis!

This is not against the rules, you can reach into the deadspace, the triangle on the corner, to pick up a ball, as long as you use the tongs.

You are correct, by the rule (G23)…"…if a super cell is removed from the cell rack before the last 20 seconds of the match…penalties will be assigned…"

I fully agree that we do not like seeing penaltys called for things that are not illegal. But, we have seen some referees call a penalty for even touching it. So the list is meant to make sure even the appearance of a penalty is not there… so this list went to the extreme to prevent penalties. They did not see any reason to even touch it before the 20 seconds. The list is meant to prevent penalties at at the extremes, some Payload Specialist do not read the rules.

BEYOND AIRLOCK, so being in the airlock (the triangle space) is okay. Going outside past the airlock onto the playing field and potentially grabbing robots is a no no

I was under the impression you could use the tongs to grab balls that were just outside of the triangle, provided there was no robot nearby and your hand doesn’t break the plane of the fueling station.

Anyone have match videos from 10,000 Lakes up yet?

I don’t think anyone taped the webcast, sadly. I know our team has video footage of our elimination matches that might find their way onto YouTube someday, though.

I checked with 2574 on Thursday and they said they were recording the webcast as they streamed it. I sent them an email after the competition, but never got anything back. If I still haven’t heard back a few days from now I’ll send another one to see if I can figure out what’s up.