2009 & 2010 FRC

[LEFT]I search after information how the teams build the robots that contest in 2009 and 2010 in FRC
Also I search after names of books that are recommended for teams that build robots for FRC

They aren’t specifically on the 2009 or 2010 seasons, but as far as books on FRC go, the FIRST Robotics: Behind The Design](http://www.amazon.com/FIRST-Robots-Rack-Behind-Design/dp/1592534112) books from 2006 and 2007 are probably the most FRC-specific books out there.

Another book that’s been very helpful to me in my journey through FRC is Kickin’ Bot](http://www.amazon.com/Kickin-Bot-Illustrated-Building-ExtremeTech/dp/0764541137) by Grant Imahara. While geared towards combat robots, lots of information within this book is quite valuable.

The internet provides a wealth of information, and you’ve come to the right place for it! Search through CD media and whitepapers, for past robot designs and drawings, and papers about everything from hardcore technical design, to design processes, to team spirit. And, look over past FRC manuals, particularly the documentation provided about the control system.

Maybe any other knows where I can find information about what and how (without a lot of explanations) build the robots that compete in 2009 & 2010 FRC

Um, I don’t know of anything that does all two years, or as in depth as you might like, but try JVN’s design journal. If you don’t know, he’s a mentor for team 148, and one of his documents on Chief Delphi is the design journal for the 2010 season.

I’ve read through it, and it’s very well written, very clear, and very insightful.

Hope that help,

For the process, the Behind the Design books can’t be beat. For specifics of particular robots from other years, there is no single source.

However, teams 842 and 1726 have quite open design processes; they might have something on their websites about 2009 and 2010.

Perhaps you should check out the FIRST website and look in the FRC section. You will be able to locate the game manuals for the '09 and '10 seasons and there are other resources.

Do you plan to build the FRC robots without ‘a lot of explanations’?


Same for 2791 (we’ve got a bit of 1726 in our blood). Check out cd-media, or my blog in my signature for some information on our robots. We’re not exactly competing at the top of the world but we’ve done decently.

If you guys wouldn’t mind, could you tell me why you are being so helpful with a registered user who is not affiliated with an FRC team and the location is ----?

Just wondering.


Maybe any other knows where I can find information about what and how (without a lot of explanations) build the robots that compete in 2009 & 2010 FRC

The inherent paradox of your request is that there ISN’T a simple explanation of how to build successful robots. They’re usually built by students and mentors who spend MANY units of TIME on the robot and its subsystems. Check my sig for a good book on the myth that “Poof, I built a robot in a day” is actually how things get done. With that said, here are some key search terms that may help you find threads – pay close attention to the URL’s for the pictures: usually the URL’s are part of an album of MANY related pictures:

FRC 2010”
FRC 2009”
+FRC “Drive Train”
FRC Elevator

Here are also some direct links to my favorite presentations / lectures / notes on the subject:
http://thinktank.wpi.edu/tag/2 – General mechanical presentations; most are videos with associated white papers in the “CD-Media” section (link is at the top)
http://www.andymark.com/SearchResults.asp?Cat=194 – Andy Baker’s presentations, though I don’t know if they have 2009 & 2010 robots

Good Luck!

Information was requested on FRC robots. I think most of us take that as someone who may want to start a team, or start a similar program elsewhere. So, we help them.

Are you implying that “joni mcmash” may be a troll? Possibly.

I’m sure that occurred to others but perhaps they decided it’s better to err on the side of being helpful.


Yes, I am implying. There are various types of trolls.

Being helpful is fine. The information being offered was gained through hard work and effort - sometimes through difficulty. If someone wants information but doesn’t want a lot of explanations - then I have questions.

Language may be a barrier and visual aids may be more helpful but my question is why when the user is obviously an unknown entity at this point.


If anything we now have a thread to reference for this type of stuff. Adding key terms that are commonly searched in the CD search box into a post is as good as answering the question for the vets who are browsing for new information on the same topics.

I’m with Jane!

I figure at worst, someone else could find the thread later and find the information without having to ask.

I’m with Chris!

All joking aside my standard practice is that unless the user is clearly a troll I respond as if it were a serious request by any other user. Plus, I’ve found some pretty cool resources that I didn’t know existed /forgot about.

I thought about this before I posted and I respect and appreciate the value of a thread that will hold links and information that can be referenced and used as a resource.

Thought was also given to the unknown aspect of this. Here’s a couple of examples: if someone creates a thread in CD and wants to know about a specific outreach program, contact information, and easy access to said information - I’m going to ask some questions about why they want it and who they are if it is not made clear in their profile. If someone wants sponsor information, contact information, funding information, and easy access to said information, I’m going to ask some questions about why they want it and who they are. I’m not going to readily provide access to resources to an anonymous source, making it easy for them not to have to do some digging on their own.

This is an opinion. You all have graciously offered reasons that I understand,
thank you.