2009 AVA Criteria

Hey guys, it looks like they released it for us a bit earlier than they said they would. :yikes:


Check it out and have fun animating! :smiley:

hmmmm… If a team can turn a tapeworm into an adorable little character I would shake there hand.

Any who I stress to teams to choose the less obvious and strait forward route because that is what everyone else is gonna do.

I was actually not that enthusiastic about this year’s theme. It was not as straightforward as past themes. It takes 5 minutes to explain to others the gist of it (no ones ever heard of biomimicry).

Anyway, after we talked about it for a bit, I think we have a good idea to go ahead with. It actually gave me goosebumps when we got it, trying to visualize it working and actually seeing it work. This year could be great for us.