2009 BAE Granite State Regional

Only a week away! Can’t wait but simultaneously wanting more time.

PS Keep fingers crossed, webcast planned on ustream.tv channel first-bae-granite-state-regional if things work out as planned.

Same here.

Can’t wait to see all the creations these teams have done. Gonna be a fun regional.

Im surprised this thread wasn’t started earlier. Im sure it will be a great event as always. My list of teams to watch out for includes: 20, 40, 121, 175, 1276

Does anyone have any pictures of BAE’s robot unveiling? Always got some nifty robots there.

I’m excited to see we’ve got at least one robot with a propellor coming (1729), I really want to see how that system plays out on the field.

It’s also really neat that it might get webcast, we’ve had family members asking about that sort of things for years.

For the first time in 3 years, we’ll have all the Maine teams at the same regional! (all 7 of us) :smiley:

Overall, I’m really looking forward (in a very bittersweet sort of way) to my last BAE Granite State Regional as a student.

[EDIT]How very fitting this is my 1519th post…[/EDIT]

I’m really exited for Granite State this year!
This is my first year going to this regional, so I must ask the all important question… how’s the food? xD

Food inside the Verizon center is overpriced staduim food :ahh:

That said, there are a number of excellent resturants within walking distance that are reasonably priced.

If y’all need more help, PM me and we’ll help set y’all up.

I hope things work out a webcast of BAE would be pretty amazing!! It strikes me as worth noting how far we’ve come when FIRST started the idea of a web cast was all but unthinkable. Now it doesn’t take much more than a laptop, a Ustream account, and an EVDO modem.

Good luck to all teams who will be in NH.


Oh great, overpriced stadium food :rolleyes:

Thanks for the offer! Although, I think we are working on getting box lunches… crosses fingers

Well, on the positive side the prices haven’t increased in the six years I’ve been ordering a Chicken Tender and French Fry basket for lunch it’s been $6.50, which isn’t too bad. The $3.50 Pepsi on the other hand…

Ugh, highway robbery…at least tell me they have red bull/monster/amp/other highly-caffeinated-sugary-horrible-for-you-but-still-tasty-energy-drinks for sale?

Not sure. I’ve always just gotten fountain drinks. I think there is bottled stuff somewhere, but I’m not positive.

I work a few blocks north of the verizon. My list of lunch places are all a 10 minute walk away, but pretty tastey:

Ate Doors Down: Just past the CVS. Absolutely delicious, my favorite. They make their own breads on premises, which makes a huge difference. Try their small pizza - they use their own pita as the crust.

Chinese Place whose name I forgot: right next to Ate doors. They do a buffet, it is ok.

Koi Japan: Across the street from the CVS. I ate there once, and will never do so again. Avoid at all cost.

Consuelo’s: Go to the CVS, turn left up the alley. Delicious Mexican food. Note that I’m a New Englander, you can make your snide comments about “real mexican” all you want, I don’t care. I like it.

Wicked Good Deli: Across from the Quiznos. Good cheap food. Used to be my favorite, then Ate Doors Down opened.

B&B: Turn right at Ben&Jerry’s. Best Caesar Wrap in town, although slightly hard to eat cleanly.

Cafe 324: On Commercial Street. Got sick eating their food 4 times in the past. Since then, an employee was fired for mishandling food, so it might be better. I still won’t eat there, even though it is in the same building that I work in.

Tiya’s: Turn right after the big citizen’s bank. Good Thai.

Lala’s: Across the street from the big citizen’s bank and slightly before it. Great Hungarian food. 10$ish, but will stick to your ribs. Best sides in town.

Red Arrow Diner: On Lowell street. Only 24hr food place in town. Good greasy diner.

Unfortunately, this is not the case…2648 (Messalonskee), as of writing this, is only registered for the Boston Regional, as BAE was already full before they were able to register for a regional event. Everybody else, including our new rookie team(!), will be there. I’m going to work on making my way around to everybody to see all of you.

Food cannot be brought into the Verizon center (Stadium rules) and it tends to be cold outside in NH in late February.

As EricVanWyk said, there’s plenty of good eats within 10 minutes of the Verizon, although I’d suggest you run your lunches in shifts as the local eateries tend to get overrun with teams during the lunch break and the match schedules tend to slip (making reservations rather difficult).

Again, if you need a local guide, look me up … I’ll probably be in our pits most of the day :rolleyes:

see y’all in just a few days :smiley:

There’s some decent robot pictures from the unveiling in the gallery that goes along with this article.

As pit captain, I always skipped lunch, and I expect you to do the same (j/k about the second part).

I’ll have a copious amount of fruit punch in our pits which you’re welcome to.

I’d like to add one more onto the list:

Caesario’s Pizza & Subs: It’s a little longer walk up Elm Street than most of the other places listed here, but they have great hot/cold subs and pizza. On a related note, if you take advantage of the free municipal parking garage on Saturday, Caesario’s is only a half block away from there.

lol, well maybe you can hide some food in your hair for me to eat…I like Doritos =P

cool, thanks =D

haha, yah I will probably be in the pits all day too, so food will come from begging it off of passerbyer’s/ team members who have nothing to do so I pay them to buy me food xP

Cool, maybe I’ll send one of the team’s mentors down your way

See everyone in 3 days (or four days if you are coming on Friday…)