2009 Bear Brawl! Springfield, MA

Hello all!

 I would once again love to invite everyone to come out to Western New England College in Springfield, MA on Sunday September 27th, 2009 to help us celebrate Lunacy and let us commence with Bear Brawl #2. Last year was a blast with 12 teams competeing for the win, and we hope to double the teams this coming year at least! We are also looking for more volunteers also, so please don't hesitate to sign up! We are currently taking registrations on our website at www.wnecrobotics.com and registration will be $75 for one robot or $100 for two robots and we can hold up to 32 teams comfortably. Please check into it and try to come on out! It will be guaranteed better than last year as we will be changing around what didn't work last year and improving everyhwere we can! Thanks a lot and I hope to see you there!

Scott Shaw

If anyone has any music requests for Bear Brawl 2009, post them here, & I’ll try to get them together before then & played during the day of competition!

See you all at the Brawl! ::safety::

We’ve set up a Facebook page for Bear Brawl 2009 folks. ::safety::
Feel free to RSVP there so we can get an idea of how many people are going to show up!

Sorry, Elgin, I don’t do facebook, so I’ll just have to tell you here that me and my wife volunteered to help. Maybe we’ll even make it over on Saturday to help set up the field. The 1153 Walpole RoboRebels may come too, to play, but they aren’t thinking about that until September when school starts. And Beatles. Aren’t the early Beatles songs the same length as one match?

There! All in one breath!

We are starting to see some of the team registrations come in and I certainly hope to keep getting more over the next few weeks! Just go to www.wnecrobotics.com which has actually gotten an overhaul tonight and register the teams or register to volunteer!

“Wolf Like Me” by TV on the Radio.

Perfect length for a match, great energy. Eases down at 2:15 for field reset.
Check it out and let me know what you think.
Even the video has the theme of “Drinking the Koolaid” and being “converted”.

Just a heads up to everyone.
Bear Brawl 2009 is fast approaching & exactly 1 month away!!!

Who’s ready??? :smiley:

I’ll be holding a brief Introduction to FIRST presentation for new team mentors, students, parents, sponsors, etc.

I’ll also be hosting a NEMO meeting at Bear Brawl.

Contact me for more details. kkentfield [at] usfirst [dot] org.

Tried to register my team officially on the website but for some reason it appears the link is broken. Expect 125 to be there!


Brando! I added you guys. Good to go! Can’t wait! Please more teams register, we already have 11 and are looking for more! It is a great time and being only $75, it has to be one of the cheapest off-seasons that isn’t free!

Hi, will there be a Bear Brawl event for fall 2010?

I’ve been informed by the organizers that it has been cancelled this year.

Yes, Kathie is correct. Due to some realignment issues, the event will not be held this year. We are hoping to revisit it in the coming years, but won’t be able to get it done this year. Thanks to all of the teams who have attended in the past and we hope to be able to get it going again.