2009 Buckeye Regional

At the Buckeye Regional are the participants allowed to attach the bumpers on the competition practice day. Or do they have to be attached when it goes in the box.

If you are asking if you must ship your bumpers with the robot the answer would be yes, unless you include them in you 40lb withholding allowance.

They do not have to be attached to the bot during shipping. In fact you could just ship a box of parts amd build your bot at competition.

No what i mean is can we take them on the bus with us and attach them at the competition.

Yes, but they count under your 40 lbs of withholding allowance.

Who won this regional??? They stopped reporting the results at 3:00 PM to the FIRST site

[EDIT]Found the answer: 1747, 1038, and 2010… Thank you Delphi E.L.I.T.E (FRC 48) for the recorded webcast footage![/EDIT]

Congrats to 1014 on your Chairman’s!!!

Thanks to 1038 and 2010 for being great alliance partners!
And thanks to all of the volunteers that helped put the regional together! It was a fun regional!

Congrats 1747, 1038, 2010. It was great playing against you in the finals. (sorta funny because team 868 vinyl awards for best dumper and shooter were on 1038 and 1747)

See you at boilermaker

Congratulations to you on your success on the field and in winning the Engineering Inspiration Award. You guys were great on and off the playing field. (And thanks for bringing some 1014 alumni with you, it was great to see them again.)

I congratulate you for your victory, but call you on ramming, thanking for destroying our frame, guys.

Congratulations 1747, 1038, 2010! :]

I didn’t get to attend Buckeye this year, but I’m sure all teams had a great time, it always is. Thanks to everyone there for their hard work this year!

1038: It’s good to see you back on top. :smiley:

1018: Awesome way to start a new season. :cool:


Ramming? This is the one year where ramming virtually doesn’t exist thanks to bumpers and low traction.

However, nothing intentional like that would have been done, if you guys need help between now and Boilermaker, please contact one of the Purdue FIRST teams, we’ll be glad to help out.

It was a really great weekend for all of the Purdue FIRST teams. 461 came out with a judges award, 1646 was undefeated by the end of the first day on Friday and 1747 came out on top with a regional win and engineering inspiration. Quite a weekend for all the teams.

A lot of Purdue FIRST students came from other Indiana teams, so it was also great to hear the deeds of some of our former teams like 45, 234 and 135 while we were at the regional. All in all, a very successful weekend for Indiana teams.

This regional taught all of my students (many first timers!) and mentors a lot about this game and we’re going to be implementing a few changes for BMR.

Thanks Ohio!

We shouldn’t have much trouble with repairs, if for some reason it turns out to be too much (highly doubt it) our “big brother team” from Penn high school (I honestly can’t remember their team number) would gladly lend a hand.

Thanks to the following:

  • 1747 for picking us to join them in the Eliminations, simply awesome!
  • 2010 for playing killer D, without using the smokescreen they tried Friday…:smiley:
  • 1317 for being great neighbors in the stands and the pits
  • 48 for being, um… well… for being Deplhi E.L.I.T.E!

Congrats to:

  • 1014 for your Chairmans, Awesome!
  • 1747 for winning EI
  • 3010 for being the rookies in disguise - only the number gave you away, you guys rocked like veterans!
  • 2917 for being a competitive Rookie at Buckeye with only 2 students on the team!

Thank you, but there were 15 of us there, and this is our third (my first) season.

thanks Q. seems like we will still be under the radar in boilermaker:D

Ummm… He wasn’t talking about you guys. 2917, not 2197.

While I’m here, does anybody know who got the Saturday awards? Fantasy First kind of needs the information…

Winners: 1747, 2010, 1038
CA: 1014
EI: 1747
GP: 829

That’s all I remember off the top of my head.


Now even I’m getting us mixed up!

You should have seen people on Thursday and even Friday morning.

Web site award: 48

Rookie all star: #3010

rookie highest seeded: 3010

Regional Finalist: 1018,868,3010

all i can remember right now

And 461 got the Judges’ Award

BTW, does anyone know why they haven’t posted most of the items for Buckeye yet?