2009 Camera and Jag inventor models problem

I just want to know is any one else having this problem. When in the model of our robot i try to place the camera or the jag speed controler i always get this part reference problem. It says inventor cannot find these jpg pictures or bmp pictures (in the case of the camera) that are supposed to be part of the part. I have re downloaded KOP, looked though the parts trying to find where to delete the reference, even looked for the pictures in my files. Nothing worked, i couldn’t find where or what these pictures where supposed to be used for. It however as far as i can tell do not affect my ability to constrain the parts to the overall robot.

If you know how to fix this please help.

p.s. normally i wouldn’t care but im trying to get the model ready to turn in for the autodesk award and if i have part reference problems it won’t look good for the model.

The jpeg file is probably seperate - if it exists, download it and place it in the same folder. If it does not exist - break the reference.


I have been having the same problem. If you delete the reference is make the part and some of the rest of the assembly invisable.

I have emailed a week ago firstbase but still haven’t gottin a reply.

I third this problem but I don’t have a solution.

OK after much messing around with this problem I have found a solution. If you reference the model to a random .BMP file it will quit having problems. Certainly not the cleanest solution but the model still seems to look fine.

The cure is to open up the camera model part and go through the part browser locating each sketch that has an image attached below it. Delete the images through the browser by right clicking on each one and selecting delete. Save the part and the problem goes away.

The issue was caused because the bitmap was not included with the download. Even though you can see the image when you highlight it in the browser, the reference is broken. If an Autodesk employee sees this, please pass the information on. It also affects the Jaguar controller. I believe orange emblem on top was not included.