2009 Cass Tech District

We’re…what, six days away from the big day? Team 503 is busy plugging away at our testbot and preparing for our first competition this year.

So who’s all coming? Anyone excited? Yada yada yada? We’re lookin’ forward to some awesome matches here.

Well, it wouldn’t be any fun at a district regional without us team 326. Were coming with a ton of cofindance and some good foturne and hoping to recapture some of that luck we had at the Great Lakes Regional last year.

THere are some great teams coming to…
67, 123, 247( who has won a district event already) 469, 503, 573, 1701 and not to metion the 7 ROOKIE TEAMS!!! This event is going to be the most competeitive so far! Until probably Troy or West Mich. , the last 2 distrcit events. But hopefully we will have some fun!

THere are some great teams coming to…
67, 123, 247( who has won a district event already) 469, 503, 573, 1701 and

Plus that sucky 217 team… :wink:

Well that isn’t very nice to say… But yes a Grantless 217 wil lbe there… I wounder if I could trade a shirt for a Thunderchicken shirt, or any other teams

To make that alittle more formal, Nick from team 326 is trading shirts at Cass Tech District Regional

Better a sucky team than a team that blows… :wink:

And don’t worry, Grant will be there. Not behind the glass, unfortunately, but my presence will be known.

2832 will be there, for their first FIRST event. Livonia Warriors.

(I know, I know… I’m from 862, but we are 4 miles from the Warriors, and I spent some time with them this year as… I guess an ambassador of sorts.)

Can’t wait to see them in action.

Anybody know how the parking is going to be at cass? Hopefully someone that could compare kettering to cass. If there is going to be an offsite lot like kettering maybe a team could set-up a shuttle. You know, community service type thing.

im a cass tech student and on friday there wont be alot of space because of students but on saturday there are three availabe parking lots

I look forward to seeing the good folks of Michigan this weekend at Cass Tech.

Andy B.
(head ref)

I have to disagree after looking at the lists i wouldn’t be surprised to see Lansing as the most competitive district event, being on its own week and not splitting the good teams like W Michigan and Troy the following week.

Thanks seraphim33, but lets narrow this down alittle. Picture the parking lot across from oakland mall that has gamestop, if you can. Now picture that lot completly full. You guys got that much parking?:eek:

Not to say your worng about the teams, but Lansing and Detroit District are on the same weekend, so yes the teams are sort of split. But, hey its all fun and games until the State Champs!

haha i got one from a silent auction. i wear it around a lot, fun times when i walk past someone from FIRST and they do a double take when they ask if im a thunder chicken and i respond no.

im planning on being there this weekend though my team isn’t competing. our team mom is co-chairing and so most of us volunteered so… i get to miss every Friday this month :smiley: .

ill be there

good luck to all the teams, lets make this interesting!

im not familliar with that lot but we can hold alot of people

Rookie team 2719 will be there and we look to have fun at cass Tech and i am an old driver from 1528 and i can’t believe you guys forgot about those cool Ipirates good luck 1528 and good luck to all the teams this weekend and hope to see you all their:cool: :cool:

2851 is looking to invoke a Crevolution at Cass Tech. We look forward to introducing our Rookie team. Best of luck to all who attend

Well The Cass Tech home team isnt too shabby this year either. :slight_smile: We started setting up today,see you guys friday.

Sounds like we’ve got a pretty loaded/enthusiastic event. This is gonna be fun.

If you’re looking for a 503 shirt, I might take you up on that offer. :smiley:

You were working with 2832? Really? The Warriors were working out of our facility, so it sounds like we’re located pretty close to you guys too. Small world, eh?

We played 'em in a little scrimmage on our field and they’ve got a pretty awesome setup going on. They’ve also got that sweet undercarriage lighting too, which I must say I’m a major fan of. XD

Yep - I am mostly with 862 out of canton/plymouth/salem, I was helping Livonia, I live in Farmington Hills… it’s a big old SE Michigan FIRST triangle.

Livonia was very lucky to have you guys help them out at your facility. They were getting help from lots of places… good to see everyone pitch in to help out the New Kids On The Block.

im on the cass tech robotics team 2673 and go to cass
and we are building the field now and cant wait
till the competition and meeting all the teams