2009 Championship Einstein Videos

Does anyone have these? Specifically I am looking for the awards presented in between matches. Our team won Delphi Driving Tomorrow’s Technology, and I can’t find any footage of it.

None of our personal footage is any good and everyone pretty much dropped their camera’s halfway through the speech after realizing we won. :slight_smile:

I might have it, I TiVo’d some of Nasa TV. I’ll look through it. I have everything from the second semifinal match 1 to the awards following second semifinal match 2.

If anyone has match videos, I would love to get them on The Blue Alliance. Chris is me, does your TiVoing include the matches? I am sure we can get them parsed out and posted, completing the video of the 2009 Championship!

Sadly, I only have S2-1, S1-2, and S2-2. I’ll try and get them digitized soon, though.

Here’s four of the Einstein match videos. They appear to have been filmed from a camcorder in the stands.


So it looks like the nice, backwards way I have to get the video off of my TiVo is to burn it to a DVD, then convert it from MPEG2 to MPEG4. Shouldn’t be too much trouble at all; the problem is my bandwidth is limited until 1 AM, so I have to upload it then.

There’s my next question: How do I upload things to TBA?

PMed you details! :slight_smile: