2009 Colorado Regional

Who else is going?

Looking forward to seeing you guys there…

Team 1777 from Overland Park Kansas will be there. We went to the Colorado regional in 2006 before they had the KC regional. This year we are going to the greater KC Regional and Colorado.

Team 159 Alpine Robotics from Fort Collins will be there. It is our only regional. I also found this list under events on the US FIRST Website, along with the other events. We were a little surprised to see some of the teams listed, and we think this will be a very interesting year. It looks like the Pink Team will be visiting Denver.


The PINK team can’t wait to come to Denver. We were there several years ago, met up with one of the local teams and climbed a mountain/hill and had a snowball fight. Last time there, the Floridians used the tops of rubber maid containers for makeshift snowboards outside the arena! We’re all hoping for some snow once again, to see the teams we met last time, meet some new teams and, of course, have a great competition.

Team 2240 from Denver, CO will be there!

Team 399 will be there :smiley:

I hope for snow too( I realy like snow…), but you never know about the weather in colorado.

Team 974 from Loveland, CO will be there!

Team 2996 from Colorado Springs will be there. Don’t know if I’ll be hitting the slopes though, if there’s any snow anyway. :frowning:

1245 will be there. Go Shazbots!

2410 Metal Mustangs from Overland Park will be there too

team 1939 will be there. it is our first time in denver. we went to KC regional in week 1

Just as a note to you guy’s, Don’t expect snow. It’s been unreasonably dry here. It’s only snowed about 7 times this entire year… But colorado might prove me wrong. It wouldn’t be the first time.

Team 4 will be coming. (we hopeing to see some snow)

In one week we’ll be there…

And we’re ready to compete.


All 34 of us, from Team 4 Element, are VERY excited to come to Denver, CO, for our FIRST time ever! See you there!

P.S. If you are a local team and going to the social, on Friday night, PLEASE PM me because I have a very important question that desperately needs an answer.

Team 207 MetalCrafters are going, can’t wait to see all of you there…Cant wait to meet all of you…Our team has previously been to colorado in 2007, but this will personally be my first time going to the colorado regional…

At least 2 regional winners I think going so far, maybe 3?

PINK team from florida
207 metalcrafters from LA
and I think a colorado team from San Diego may be there, I didn’t check (sorry!)

fsnekjmnf should be fun.

8 days.

Also! I think at least 4 teams are staying at the same hotel as us! I know PINK, 207, 1515, and us are in the same hotel. If anyone else is there, we totally should hang out thursday night or wednesday if you all will be there. Would be sweet! =)

Looking to be a top notch regional! We are really looking forward to compete at this level and hanging out with teams there.

Team 1339 from Denver will be there!
We’re hoping to actually be somewhat of a factor this year, rather than having something major break every round like last year.
See you all there, only 6 days!