2009 Connecticut Regional

237 is in the house…

Team 48 is in the house also. Alright… Who else???

I’ll be there!

Team 549 “the DevilDawgs” is hoping to sign-up for Conniticut for their second regional.

team 1592 is really hoping to come up and have a blast this year =]

The TechnoTicks will be there! Looking forward to seeing all of our old friends (and make new ones too!)

Team 558 will be there!:smiley:

the firebirds will be there for the 1st time =)

195 cyberknights will be there!

I’m going as a volunteer/alum. (:

GUS 228 will be there :slight_smile:

I’m hoping to be able to help out with field setup Wednesday evening in CT again to especially get familiar with the newly designed field control system for the years to come, & of course, I’ll be there supporting many teams during competition but especially Team 237! w00t! :cool:

Team 1403 will be at Connecticut Regional for the 1st time as well. We really can’t wait.

Bring some leftover Monty Madness candy bars if you have any!!! :smiley:
I wasn’t able to go to that this year, & need my Monty Madness chocolate fix. lol :rolleyes:

It was official on Friday, Team 1592 is signed up and can’t wait.

Team 1902 is excited that we will be making the trip up there this season!

oink oink boom!!!

Oh my - That is quite the commute. lol
This should be an interesting event with the variety of teams that are signed up!

CT sounds like it will be great this year (& even louder than ever!) :cool: :smiley: :ahh:

msn if only one more florida team would come, we could bring up our own little alliance and show the power from Florida =]

I am sure that they will have quite a bit to show us. Do a little research and you will see what some of the teams coming to this have to offer. I can think of a few that i wouldn’t mind being paired with.:slight_smile: Not saying that we wont have anything to show you though :slight_smile:

If you’re planning to volunteer at the Connecticut Regional, please register in VIMS soon! Our Volunteer Coordinators are starting to look at VIMS to see who is coming to volunteer in Hartford… :smiley: