2009 Dallas Regional Videos

Since I was getting desperate for the videos to get uploaded to the Blue Alliance website I decided to google them…here they are :slight_smile:


I’m just wondering if you wouldn’t mind putting up your video’s on a different hosting site. I went to watch some of your videos and I don’t think the “popular” videos that are displayed on the right hand side are appropriate to have when students are directed to your videos from this site.

Side Note Maybe CD can come up with a list of acceptable video hosting websites in an attempt to eliminate this issue.

They’re not my videos.
I simply found them after googling “Dallas Regional” “FIRST

I don’t see any questionable videos on the right hand side of that page, or even in the all videos from that user page either.

Come to think of it, I don’t see any videos other than the ones uploaded by Dallas FIRST.

Do you maybe have the family filter turned off?
(Bottom of page with all the videos)

I don’t have an account, maybe it’s because I’m trying to watch them as a guest. But when I click on a video in the DallasFIRST user page I get taken to what looks like a main page to watch the video and there are A LOT of inappropriate videos on the right side. Also I can’t change the family filter as a guest so I’m assuming that what I’m seeing is the default page?

Anyone else getting this?

Elgin, if you click on any of the videos shown on that page their are quite a few questionable videos that are on the right side of the page playing the video.

The family filter must be off by default and appears to need an account ot turn on.

I think this depends on what your definition of “questionable” is. Near as I can tell, there aren’t any videos over there any more questionable than the Go Daddy’s Danica Patrick commercials/videos, loads of music videos, or many things you can wander across on youtube. I submit that if our standards are such that the word “sex” or a snapshot of a bikini are too titillating for us to risk posting our videos on a site, then there isn’t a site on the internet we can post videos on, aside from TBA.

Haha Thanks Kevin

Hmm… I don’t think I’ve ever visited (let alone heard of that video site) before, & certainly don’t have an account there, & it was on by default (in the channel page at least) for me.
Very odd.

Although, now that I actually click to watch a Dallas Regional video, the tab that it defaults to “Channels” only shows Dallas FIRST videos, however, a user click to the “Browse” tab shows some questionable videos depending on your definition of that - I’m of course only going by the screen captures shown since I am not watching any of those vids.

Ok folks, to stay completely “safe” don’t click the “Browse” tab! :stuck_out_tongue: :cool:

Edit 2:
And yeah, I completely agree with what Kevin said! Very well put!

Followup to my own post:

We’re always talking about how great FIRST is and how mature students in the program are, etc. etc. Shouldn’t we give them the benefit of the doubt that they won’t require a shotgun wedding 9 months after visiting that site?

I’m sure most of the kids here would be more then mature enough to handle some of the content.

I wasn’t trying to play MOD or anything, I was just pointing out that I saw some videos that would go against our School District Internet useage policy and I wouldn’t want any of the students in my district getting in trouble for visting a site that was linked too from Chief Delphi. Which is a site that I encourage all team mebers to go to both in and out of school.