2009 Dallas Regional

I knew it was inevitable that Dallas is going to be a Regional, but I didn’t expect it to happen in 2009. I think it will be a great addition , given that Dallas has a very strong robotics culture.

BEST Robotics started in Dallas and has the most teams in the Dallas area,DPRGis also a popular robot club for the area.

So which teams are planning on attending the Dallas Regional and what high schools in Dallas will be starting new teams ?

Anybody who is interested in following the Texas FIRST updates, join the mailing list, http://groups.google.com/group/texas-first

Now that we have a regional, I hope we can bring back some of the area teams that participated in the past. currently there are about 7 active teams and at least 5 schools that used to have an FRC team.

Here are the non-active teams in Dallas Area that I could find on FIRST wiki

Dallas Area:
55 (Garland, TX, USA)
110 (North Richland Hills, TX, USA)
317 (Ft. Worth, TX, USA)
1888 (Plano, TX, USA)

Other Texas Teams:
29 (Canutillo, TX, USA)
127 (Friendswood, TX, USA)
170 (El Paso, TX, USA)
215 (El Paso, TX, USA)
355 (Marlin, TX, USA)
390 (El Paso, TX, USA)
420 (Houston, TX, USA)
438 (Houston, TX, USA)
439 (Houston, TX, USA)
446 (La Porte, TX, USA)
676 (El Paso, TX, USA)
899 (Houston, TX, USA)
1162 (Canutillo, TX, USA)
1490 (Houston, TX, USA)
1479 (Houston, TX, USA)
Teams I don’t have info on but they attended LSR, 659 , 520 , 607 , 635 ,659

If anyone knows what happened to any of these texas teams , maybe it will help in the revival process !

1745 and 437 are active Dallas teams with one even winning a world Championship. I’m happy that they are doing a Dallas regional but I’m hoping that the regional comittee does not schedule the regional on the days of LSR or OKC and preferably Bayou if they can do that otherwise don’t expect Dallas to be strong regional.


FIRST can have a Texas two-step, LSR then Dallas two weeks later. Have LSR and OKC on the same week (2?) and Dallas during 4 if scheduling permits.

I think there will be possible overlap with some but it’s all good, it will just make for some tough decisions. Lots of work there for the folks that are organizing the regional. I wish them well and will be sure to throw my name in the hat for helping in any way I can.

It would be great to see some of our Texas teams comes to life again. Wonder how we could help in that area.

A Dallas Regional. woohoo…

And a Washington D.C. Regional…I - really - can’t wait to see that one! How cool.

Actually since it will be mostly rookies (or so I hear), it should be a week one or two regional so everyone is competing fresh. I think that this will help “level” the playing field as much as possible with the veterans since they haven’t competed before either for that season. Also, Lone Star has always (to my knowledge) been a week 4/5 regional so I doubt that will change for next year. It is always much stronger and since teams become more competitive during the end of the season I believe that it will only help Texas and the South with another competitive regional…

On that note, is New Zealand considered part of the south? :rolleyes:

If memory serves me right, this is what happened to those teams…

55 - Austin Academy - Competing in FTC

317 - Arlington Heights HS - Lost teacher sponsor and the team disolved

1888 - Plano west (i think ) High School - Competing in FTC

Also at one point highlandpark high school had a team, but team dissolved after teacher sponsor left.

The Mountain Home, AR school board just approved our district calendar for next year. I should let the Dallas planners know when our Spring Break is - I am sure they are eagerly awaiting that information in order to decide when to schedule the new regional:rolleyes:

you forgot 118 the robonauts:cool:

Pretty sure they don’t count as an inactive Texas team :smiley:

Great memory, I know a person from Plano West that was on 1888 , hopefully the FTC teams will take the next step up to FRC,

I apologize but the reason that other Texas teams (118, 148, 418, 438, 1745, etc.), were not named was because they are active!



There was also 98 - St. Marks/Hockaday from Dallas. Dissolved sometime around 2001 due to major sponsorship issues. Their last year was the year before my freshman year. :frowning: The schools split into two teams and both moved to BEST. I’d kill to get an FRC team restarted there, but thats a challenge now living on the other side of the country.

And are you sure 55 is Austin Acad? That is a middle school. (I remember them from BEST)

I remember them from the year 2000. They are indeed a team of Middle School students. Their team name back then was “Texas Torque” and they kicked my butt at the first ever regional I attended (Long Island 2000).

Not 100% sure on the team number , but they had an FRC team in 2000 and 2001. They switched to BEST sometime after that…

Hey, don’t forget about the Full Metal Jackets (Rockwall High School - Team 1296). We’ll probably participate in a Dallas Regional.

It’s a year away but not too soon for teams to start looking at travel dates so any news as to what week this event will be as well as LoneStar, Bayou, OKC …

Does this event have a name? One might think of a cowboy theme but then that is more Ft. Worth Texas and the DFW metroplex is so much more than a wild west town:D

Looking forward to some day being able to compete in three or four regional events and never leave the State:cool:

Just FYI, I can pretty much guarantee that LSR isn’t ever going to be a week 2 regional unless it absolutely can’t be helped. Rodeo is in town until week 5, and even if we don’t hold the event at Reliant Arena again, the Rodeo takes up a fair amount of hotel room and general interest in town, along with the attention of some LSR committee members. I can’t see the committee voluntarily competing with the rodeo unless scheduling conflicts make it unavoidable as it was this year. So I think we’ll see LSR return to a 5th week regional next year, though possibly in a new venue.

Back on topic, I’m curious if the Dallas regional is going to have any problems attracting teams, given the proximity to the more established LSR regional. I imagine it’ll come down to the venue and how cramped and frenetic or not it will make the regional.

My concern exactly. It needs to be a different date then LSR definitely and preferably with OKC and Bayou. I hope the LSR, OKC, and Dallas regional committees are communicating at some level. I personally am happy for Dallas but think that the Southern region is not strong enough to have as many regionals as the currently do.

It will need support from veteran teams.