2009 - Doubt about Los Angeles Regional

Does anyone here know about a website that will transmit the regional???
If you know, what is, What time it will be???

Nothing currently listed, but keep checking here:

Sorry, the Los Angeles Regional will not be webcast. We have eager volunteers willing to make this happen but, as I understand it, there are issues with one or more unions and their contracts with the venue. Something about having to pay at least three people to “do” any broadcast, and those guys do not come cheap. For our purposes “broadcast” is enabling anybody outside the venue to see what is happening inside, regardless of medium.


We were the team who offered to do it both this and last year, as a matter of fact I would be in charge of it, but as Chris said we were told that there were issues with unions, which I understand. :cool:

Hopefully next year there will be a different production company but until them I guess anyone who wants to see LA will have to wait until it is posted on TBA. Beach Bots team 330 did this last year but I don’t know if they are doing it again.

Matthew Forman