2009 Driver Station Dimensions

I know that there was a thread about a month ago with exact dimensions on things like the cRio itself, however, nothing was mentioned about the Driver Station. WPI says the drivers station is “6x4x2” approximately. This does not look very accurate. Also WPI does not show the drivers station in its final housing so I am not sure what these dimensions go to. Unfortunately our team will not be getting our control kit early. I was wondering if any teams who already received their drivers station would be able to provide me with exact dimensions on the blue drivers station, I would really appreciate it.


6 1/8" x 4 5/8" x 1 3/16"

The .1" header pins and the competition port stick out another 1/8" each
The competition port enable/disable switch they send us sticks out 2 1/8" in all from the case.

screw heads on the sides take 1/16" each

There’s a photo here somewhere…let me look…

http://team358.org/public_files/DS_sm.jpg](http://team358.org/public_files/DS.jpg) http://team358.org/public_files/DSperspective_sm.jpg](http://team358.org/public_files/DSperspective.jpg)

I’m told we’ll probably want to mount it with velcro.

What??? They designed this entire thing and left out bolt holes?

Sorry, no bolt holes.
There are four sheet metal screws into the top & bottom holding the case on. One has the warrantee sealing tape over it (they don’t want us opening the cover), so that one cannot be touched, but the other three could be used to grab brackets.

I added a photo in the second post to show the side screws.

Velcro works well, besides you can mount the router with velcro, then remove it for competition…leaving room for a small laptop for the dashboard…assuming we can use a laptop, that is

Thanks for the dimensions and the pictures they are a huge help. I plan on putting ours into an enclosed control panel and having the top plate punched with holes for the LCD, buttons, and LED’s. I would use Velcro to mount it however, I want to have as little movement as possible on it so i may try and make brackets for those screws you described. I guess we will just have to avoid the screw with the warranty tape over it.