2009 Driver Station Issue

We’re trying to fire up the old '09 robot for a demo, and having some trouble. With the DS (2009) tethered directly to the cRIO, we get a strange assortment of “#” signs on the bottom line of the DS screen. The “Status” line changes from “Enabled” to “Teloperated” to “Watchdog” rapidly, spending most of it’s time in “Teleoperated”. We’re getting good communications and a battery voltage readback, but we have no control whatsoever.

Using a laptop, we can ping the cRIO and have reset the team number on the DS to work with the cRIO configuration ( for cRIO, Team Number 125 for the DS). With a laptop plugged into the DS, we get no response pinging, even after setting the team number correctly.

Finally, there is a red light on the PD board at a terminal pair to which there is no load attached or breaker installed. According to the datasheets, the red light only comes on when there is a load connected and the break is not installed. Could this be a related issue?

Does anyone have any suggestions? Due to some personnel change and inherent loss of documentation/code, re-imagining the cRIO or dropping new code on it has to be the final last resort.

As a corallary question, does anyone have a copy of the DS firmware that was handed out during inspection at the regional?

I assume this robot has remained untouched from last season?
No cRIO image updates, etc.?
Do you remember the last time someone downloaded code to it at the end of the season, and was it run afterwards in competition?

Tethered directly, the DS-to-cRIO needs to use a crossover Ethernet cable, not a normal straight cable.

Are the DS Ethernet status lights coming on?
Did you try both ports with your laptop ping test?
Is your PC Ethernet port auto sensing?

I do have the DS firmware here

The ethernet cable we were using might not have been a cross-over. The cRIO should not have been touched since the last time it was running, which would have been mid-fall 2009. The DS Ethernet ports do light up with both connections, and we have used both ports. We were using the Classmate PC to ping the DS, but I’m under the impression that is not auto-sensing.

I will check the details when we get back to the lab, and also reflash the driver station. Thanks for the link and the help.

The classmate is actually auto-sensing, so no worries there.
Ping wouldn’t have worked otherwise, so my question about that was unnecessary.

The 2010 Control System documentation is misleading in the case of the Classmate auto-sensing.

The 2009 and 2010 driver stations are largely interchangeable. You may as well hook the 2010 to the cRIO and see if the diagnostics tab gives you any more indication of where the fault is.

Greg McKaskle

Thanks for the tip, we will do that ASAP.