2009 Drivers

So, I have to ask, Who had the best drivers this year? Who drove the wheels off their robots? Who shot more balls accurately than anybody else?

Off the top of my head, 67, 111, 1538, 1114, 2056, 2753, 343, 217, 148, 188, 610


What about 2753, one of the highest scoring robots at the championship?

without a doubt, i think the best drive team in the country in 816’s… i may be a bit biased, but if you have seen them as much as me, you know how awesome they are, and how well they communicate with each other, and this leads to awesome driving skills…

others that i found good were 1923, 2753, 103, 25, 341, 217, 365…

188, 610

some teams i think should be mentioned who had excellent driving were 254, 1538, 118, 79, 68, 399, 1717, and 121

67, 217, 1717 were the best I saw. I feel we had very strong drivers as well.

399 had some awesome drivers in addition to the teams already mentioned here.

816 was insane, Dustin and his whole crew were way more impressive up in person.

I think it’s pretty clear that 217 had the best drive team. Their ability to adapt their strategy quickly during their matches made them incredibly effective. In general though, its hard to compare drive teams to each other, as they aren’t operating identical robots. An average drive team operating a very effective robot will look better than an amazing drive team driving a kitbot.

I would have to say 111 and 217

I know that 67 and 1918 had the most “experienced” drive teams in the entire program. Meaning, they played more matches than anyone else that I am aware of. Each team had a total of 87 matches. Not bad if you ask me!

What about 1625? I wasn’t able to see them at the Championship, but their drivers were amazing at Midwest.

816 had some mad drifting skills out there, and very fun to watch.

11 had some great drivers as well.

oh man i forgot 71. i always love the beast

Thanks for the shout out. The swerve along with the surface made this year a challenge. We told Ziggy to drive it like he stole it, and I think he did a great job. He’s been around the program 10 years, but this was his first time driving. I can’t wait to see next year, when he’s a senior. Our operator, Seph, also had a good touch on the trigger, and the communication between the two worked well.

There were a lot of very impressive machines out there, but all the engineering isn’t worth much if it can’t perform without a good drive team. The teams that rise to the top and find themselves going far have the complete package of a good machine, drivers, human player, and most importantly, a good alliance. :slight_smile:

1649’s drivers were amazing at florida, somehow they were able to ninja around the field and just appear out of nowhere and score a hopper full of balls on everyone. They were also a blast to work with and just in general cool people.

I think our driver sean is also pretty good

This is a lot trickier to say than “the best robot” because some good drivers had less than top-caliber robots to drive. I can really only go off of what I saw in Newton and 10,000 Lakes. A good driver and a bad driver decides matches, and good robots can fall to bad driving, so basically any team that did well probably had good drivers all around.

1625 had an amazing, smart drive team. As if their robot needed the help ! Just some of the mind games they played continue to impress me as I watch all of their replays.

2836’s robot was decent, but their drivers really set it apart as far as Newton defense goes. It never let up when playing defense, and the drivers multiple times outpredicted the robot they were trying to harass and just stayed locked onto them. I can say similar things about team 1629 (though they had the benefit of scoring more).

2470 didn’t do so well in Atlanta but be sure to check them out once the 10,000 Lakes videos make TBA. 1714 and 2826 wouldn’t have won without them, and they did set up nice screens for the alliance. 2826 and us did countless sandwich dumps, and they’re pretty smart too, except for that time they accidentally dumped on us :confused:

I’m really proud of our drive team too :slight_smile:

I have to put my vote in for Dustin and his drive team on 816. Driving with them on the Curie field was great and we could always rely on him to follow through with the strategy. I remember Brad saying that we needed you on our alliance for finals and most of our scouters were impressed with your driving ability. We were proud to display the “No Traction Control” sticker on our robot, thanks Dustin :wink:

Along with that is the excellent driving and execution by our alliance members 188 and 329. Our alliance huddle always ended yelling out “Execute!”. We knew 188 could maneuver themselves into scoring opportunities when we needed them to or play hard defense against top teams such as 217.

I think that 816 and 217 had awesome drive teams in 2009.

But i do have to put a shout out to our 3 year driver, Nika. She started as a sophomore, winning her first regional in 2007. Now she is leaving high school with 3 regional championships to her credit. When things got tough she was always focused and unflappable. For three years she drove like Batman. :slight_smile:

I think Nika drove like…well…Miss Daisy (had she not been chauffeured by Morgan Freeman, that is) :wink:

Seriously! Nika’s style was courteous, skittish, and civilized. Which fit our last 3 robots perfectly (in 2007 and 2008 we built agile omni-wheeled machines that could dance around anyone but lost to an office chair in pushing matches, and of course this year the name of the game was evasion). Put a harmonious robot/driver tandem like that together with another effective scorer (PA '07: 181, PA '08: 365, SD '09: 1332) and a bruising defender (PA '07 and '08: 84, SD '09: 2543) and you make quite a force!