2009 FIRST Championship dates!

I saw him do both in Florida.
He’d introduce the teams and then rush over to his coaching position.
Now that’s a man of many hats!

hey glenn

what about florida?

Ms. P,
When will FL happen next year.:wink: Perhaps a little heads-up?
I think if and when our students find out, I wont hear the end of it.
“Can we please go to DisneyWorld?”

Wow, that would be a sweet deal!
One plane ride and two huge FRC regionals- Trenton, NJ then visit NYC for some R-n-R and finish the trip with a win in the NY Javits Center.

*Rumored: Atlantic City, NJ maybe considered for the next location to hold the NJ Regional.

AC?? that would be awesome for nj!! where would they hold it though?

Atlantic City? That would be a change, but why not hold it in the shiny new Prudential Center? Centrally located, easy to get to, blocks from the headquarters of NJ/NYC FIRST.

Scott, maybe a chance to meet up and team up again?
I like our chances.:slight_smile:

You could also hold it in the Izod Center, which would most likely be cheaper than the Pru, and since only the Nets play in Izod, there is more time availible. Note: Seaton Hall Basketball AND the Devils play in the Prudential Center …

March 12th to March 14th (that week is spring break for UCF students, thats when Florida is usually held)

Atlantic city? sounds like fun, he lets get a couple of mentors together and go card counting…

thanks for the heads-up.:smiley:
I will say this, if our school somehow allowed weeks 1,2,3 regional attendance away from school, I’d do it in a heartbeat!

We should just do away with our winter, fall and spring breaks and coincide it with the regional weekends.:rolleyes:
We spend our breaks working on robotics anyways.

This year the regional was held during our spring break, every year previous it was held the week leading up to our spring break. So its kind of a toss up what they will do, only thing that seems to be guaranteed is that it will be held one of those two weekends. I hope they go back to having it the week before, it really made it difficult for UCF students to volunteer. Its hard to keep college students around during that week. Also, its a hassle for the college students who volunteer for local teams at UCF, we’d like to go home :frowning: lol.

Start them off-season debates!
I confirmed that the 2009 NJ Regional will be the last weekend of Feb (Week 1) and the NYC Regional will be the first weekend of March (Week 2).

also, if the NJ regional starts to be in the Izod center, by 2009-2010, there will be no active tenants (the nets are moving to the barclays center in brooklyn either next year, or the year after that.) I’m sure the Izod center would be glad to have a major event be held there!

This would be ideal for us in 2009:
Week 1: NJ in Atlantic City!
Week 2: Kansas City or NYC
Week 3: Florida.
Week 5: Hawaii
Championships in Atlanta: We will sign up since we already qualified via the EI award (assuming that the criteria is the same as '08).

But, all wont happen due to rumors that our Hawaii State testing is during week 3 (mandatory for all 7,8 and 10th graders at our school), or too much school being missed, and my wife!!!:smiley: :smiley:

It just makes geographic sense to go to NJ then NYC :wink:

And don’t worry, Champs EI will let you guys qualify for Atlanta. I’m 99.999999% positive that Manchester won’t change the criteria for next year. It is the second most prestigious award possible after all…

Somehow I doubt that the Nets will be moving that soon, especially since construction on the Barclays center has yet to begin … but who knows …

Question NJ '09.
Why would it move from the current location and is it really possible it might move to Atlantic City?
Correct me if I’m wrong, isn’t AC below Philly?
To tell you the truth, I would love to attend if its there.:stuck_out_tongue:

I guess it would move due to lack of space in the current Sovergn? Bank Arena. At another venue, i.e. Izod Center or Prudential Center, there is a lot more space and you could either hold a “super regional” or just have the room for 60+ teams to fit comfortably, as it gets tighter and tighter each year in Trenton

We received word today that Oregon is week 2 next season and Seattle is in week 5.

Seattle is moving into Seattle-proper and will be at Key Arena. Yay.

Already ruled out a return to VCU (and/or the brand new DC regional) Glenn? With 510 gone, 2009 could be the first time in quite some time VCU won’t have a Hawai’i themed team attending. :frowning: