2009 FIRST Championship dates!

Technically, we have not ruled out VCU. Since no one has confirmed the dates yet, I am assuming its during week 1 like previous years. Our team has already decided on NJ week 1. If VCU is week 2, we would definitely consider it again.
In all honesty, our students loved the VCU regional. Everyone was friendly, everyone w"as willing to help out, everyone was willing to lend out parts such as motors (not expecting anything in return). The venue was perfectly large, the team social was fun, and we enjoy Ms. Pattie Cook as your regional director. Perhaps a return to VCU can have us hooking up with 116 again? We did very well together, didnt we!:wink: I really believe that since its a huge “in-state” regional, that’s why so many people were friendly and helpful. Reminds me a lot of our own regional.
Finally, if for some reason, we and 510 dont come, you still have your dad to sport his cool Aloha wear!

Like rdlevy1215 said, Regional Planning Committees are always reviewing growth and new venues to make the FRC experience better.

The possibility of moving the site can be due to the contract with the venue, for future growth, to energize an area that does not have FRC teams, or even to attract new sponsorship.

BTW- Atlantic City is NOT a given. It is just one of the locations on the list which includes the new arena in Newark and the Meadowland Arena (can’t reminder the name since it keeps changing!).