2009 Florida Regional Pictures


MARS has loads of photos (393 to be exact) on our photo gallery from the 2009 Florida Regional!!! One of our mentors was on the field snapping shots and on the catwalk taking pictures from above! If you were at the Florida Regional, we probably have pictures of your team! The pictures are available for your viewing pleasure here.

If you’re looking for more photos, I know the Orlando Sentinel had a few.

Great pictures on there! Thanks for taking so many!

yeah thanks for the great pics ive been waiting for osmeone to post a good pic of me with my hair on sat:D


someone got a picture of our Page of Death:cool:

Sweet pics I totally forgot to bring my camera so we could get a good pic of our robot. These are awesome :smiley:

Amazing pictures as always.

Mega Awesome photos; many thanks to MARS and mentor Ed Clark. I always end up using some of your photos on team marketing materials.

It was too cool for me to not take a picture of it!

Great pictures!

If you want to see some more cool pics from Florida there are some here.