2009 FRC Control System Forums Open now

The Beta Teams have been instructed to monitor there forums here

we can share what we are working on and when we are planning to share info with the FRC community.


I went there, registered (because you can’t read attachments it said without registering), waited 24 hours (with no confirming e-mail - ??) logged in and now I annot even SEE the forums (not authorized) - but I can see them if I am not logged in…



I logged in as FRC1618 (the Q&A account) and was successful in downloading the attachment. Seems like a permissions issue.

Ja, I sent in an IT ticket, I am expecting either an “oops, we have it farkled” or an “sorry, no tunas allowed”



I’m having the same exact problem. Please do post here when you get a response from their IT team. Thanks!

I’m a Beta-Tester and I can’t figure out why no-one is posting on the public forum…

I logged out as “official me” and created a new test profile. I got an instant verification email and logged in with no problems.

Try again with a NEW login.


I tried again, this time using a gmail address, and it worked. My other address was at my company’s domain, so perhaps it rejects any email domains that aren’t on a trusted list.

OK, I managed to get verified: On my att.new mail accounts it just never came through (and I do not have any filtering on those acocunts) but on another acocunt, it came through.

Ultimately, though, I had to have FIRST IT Support change my user profile to a verified member.

As for why people aren’t posting…maybe they’re still a little afraid.:ahh: