2009 FRC Kit of Parts (Pro/ENGINEER format) - Supported by PTC

Hi all FRC teams,

As part of PTC sponsorship with FIRST, PTC has delivered a full kit of parts in Pro/ENGINEER Format. In addition, we have recreated all the models stored in the FIRST CAD Library and made them available in Pro/E Format.

To access the kit, please click www.ptc.com/go/firstkop

Users are also able to access the kit from within Pro/E. Click the Connections tab on the left hand navigator and then choose 3D ModelSpace link. From the 3D ModelSpace page, click the FIRST link to access the Kit.

As discussed in past emails, all teams can gain access to Pro/E for their team. To register for a team collaboration project and access the free software, please have your team lead register here – www.ptc.com/go/frcregistration

If you have any questions, please send me an email at mfischer@ptc.com.

Mark Fischer
Director – PTC Education Program

Excellent! I’m just about to pull them in. In my 3D connections tab, I have to hit the “catalog” link to get to 3DModelSpace.

I don’t see any assembly files - do I need to put all the details together for the gearboxes?

Oops - I just tried to open the orbit ball and camera and ProE won’t open them; says not a valid part file. I’m running Wildfire 3.0 - is that a problem?

Hi Gary.

The files are for Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 4.0.

If you have a registered team collabroation project, you can download the latest release of Pro/E Schools Edition. This will resolve the issue.

These are all individual part files…

Like with the kit, they are yours to assembly in any configuration.


do you think you could add a “download all” function to the library. So we can have all the files locally without having to download like 200 parts in individual zip files?



Wow …

This was a surprise …

Drat. I’m working at the office (we use ProE) between meetings so I’m stuck with the company’s version. Hopefully we can call them up at the school this afternoon.

Hi all,

If you using your commercial seats of Pro/E for your team, please let me know. I can provide you the 2009 FRC Kit Of Parts in commercial format.

As for a download all files, we are in the process of providing that. It will be available for each of the libraries (2009 Kit of Parts and FIRST Cad Library). Note: these zip files will be large.


Can we get the files in IGES format? Then we can bring them into anything?

At this time, we are only providing them in Pro/E format.

Certainly the IGES files for the FIRST Cad Library are available via www.firstcadlibrary.com

It is possible for you to get free copies of Pro/ENGINEER and open the native files directly. If you require them as IGES, you can peform a File > Save A Copy > choose IGES as file type.


Hi all,

I have just completed the process of saving the files in Pro/ENGINEER commercial format. If you require these files in commercial format, please send an email to mfischer@ptc.com.

In addition, the Kit of Parts Site has been updated allowing you to download all files at once - www.ptc.com/go/firstkop

Lastly, I have included a new category folder in the kit of parts, which contains the arena, trailer and orbit ball.

Good luck,


The link to the trailer model doesn’t seem to work

Thanks Gary.

I will have this updated shortly.


What do you mean by "commercial format?

The files created with the student version of pro-e are not compatible with the files with the commercial version and vice versa. I got around this with B&D because the let me install wildfire 4 student version on my work PC specifically for FIRST. The only issue I run into is when we try and send parts to the model shop, which uses pro I need to re-model all the manufactured parts in my commercial seat.

Overall working with pro-e this season has been a pleasant experience.

Greg, are you using Wildfire 4.0 commercial version at work?

no we use 2.0 day to day.

It’s nice to see PTC donating their software for FIRST, although I wish they had given teams access to CoCreate while they were at it. :rolleyes:

You might be able to see if the EDU_COM_Convert module is available…maybe Mark Fischer could have PTC generate you a licence for it. (Normally, that module is available with the University Edition of Pro/E.)

When you have it enabled, everything gets saved as commercial format. I don’t know if it works with the Student Edition, though.

Is there a way to convert from the comerical edition of ProE to the Student/Educational one. I have a whole project that says it won’t open in my eddition…