2009 Gael Force Teaser

I present you with the 2009 Gael Force Teaser.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nsm0BL5wBfk had to mess with the audio to get it to work on youtube so go to thisif you can for the correct audio. (facebook)

looks like we have the next Zack Snyder here :). interesting design. Did i see it flip on its side or am i just really not thinking today? Nice video

Great video. Notice at 38 sec the robot on the field.

That is a spectacular teaser. Without a doubt the best I’ve seen thus far!

(Also, I like the new robot).

HELLOOooo from the North East to the North East and the rest of the FIRST WORLD :smiley:
Well,what a great vid. you have put up, I LOVED IT, nice music and a super bot:P . We at old TJ2 have built a different bot and I might add to play a different GAME…, But that is a good thing;" I hope " :rolleyes: Hope to see are old buds from 126 this Sat. in CT. This year will be just another HOOT with FIRST. We have had a great time with 126 over the years, keep up the super work seeeeee yaaaaaa soooooon !!!:
MOE and Team 88 TJ2 TYE DYE for ever… oh yeah ??? OH YEAH !!!:yikes:

That was pretty amazing. I’ll never look at 300 the same way.

So you’re planning to disable teams robots by throwing moonrocks at them? Are you’re bumpers legal? :smiley:

Sorry if I am master of the obvious, but wasn’t that the 2008 Bot?

Can’t wait to see the 2009 machine.