2009 Hawaii Regional

Aloha everyone,

 Just wondering how many teams are considering the 2009 Hawaii Regional this year. We really enjoyed having the mainland teams at our first regional last year. For the state of Hawaii, hosting a regional was a great experience. All of us here enjoyed it and are looking forward to seeing you this season.


our team really enjoyed being there…

however this year the event falls well outside our spring break and we unfortunately will be limited to closer events.

we WILL return some day

WC :cool:

Well, all of you know we enjoyed you folks attending also.
See you in NJ in '10. :slight_smile: Our freshman’s in '07 (now juniors) claim it was the best regional they ever attended. They want to make it full-circle by going back their senior year.

That would be awesome!:smiley:

I loved your team at NJ my freshman year and it would be a great full-cirlce for me as well. What regionals are you attending this year?

NJ and VCU were our 1st and 2nd choices, but cant attend during weeks 1 and 4.
Oregon, San Jose, Hawaii (weeks 2,3 and 5) and CMP are our plans for this year.
See you guys at CMP.

I would highly recommend the Hawaii Regional to any team thinking about attending.

It was bar none the best event I have ever attended. Nothing else has even come close. Everything was amazing-the venue, the event staff, the teams, the people, the team party, the opening ceremonies. The planning committee outdid themselves big time.

Everyone should get out there at some point if they get the chance.

Thanks for all the complements :smiley: We are really glad you all loved the regional and really wish you could come back :smiley:

I’ll see if I can convince a London team to travel halfway around the world. :smiley:

i have to agree with cory. after 11 years of regionals, the hawaiian regional was just awesome. from the moment we stepped off the plane until it was time to leave. words can’t describe the aloha spirit we felt. hope we can come back some day…

I’ll add one more to that count. Fantastic event and people. I’d really like to go back, but the airfare is out of our range for this year. If your team has the money, definitely go. And be sure to surround the regional with at least a few days to tour the island.

With the demise of Aloha airlines our roundtrip airfares from the Big Island to Oahu have gone up to $200, then there’s lodging at spring break prices and car so we probably won’t attend our own “backyard” regional. With the money we had we had a choice of doing a Mainland Regional with fewer kids or Oahu with a bit more and we chose the Mainland. Doesn’t look like we’ll be doing two regionals this year:confused: :mad: Hopefully some really good Mainland schools can come over like last year and give McKinley 368 and Waialua 359 some competition. We loved playing with the Pink, Poofs and Jersey 25 last year, just to name a few of the “Beasts” that came over. It will definitely be hard watching everyone play from home. Best of luck to all…

Team 223 really wants to go but it’s really expensive. We need to raise about 50,000 just to go there, let alone the Championships in Atlanta

But we’re trying!!

We would love to see all of you here in the islands. I know airfare is high but the organizers are trying to put together some travel packages so the overall cost is not as bad. Room rates are down below last year’s prices. So there might be some savings.

Maybe the teams that were planning on attending New Zealand could come here instead.

As for as Kazzykaty and her team, we traveled with a skeleton team to Wisconsin last year and have budgeted over $20k for this year. the girls have to pay half of the airfare. (we did give “scholorships” to one where it was a real hardship) but as the team says, where there is a will there is a way. good luck I hope to see you at the Hawaii Regional

Our official Regional has been cancelled (New Zealand) so we are currently concentrating on VEX. But if somehow we managed to raise enough money then we’d be at Hawaii in a second :smiley:
unfortunately I don’t see that happening :frowning: but we wish we could
Hawaii is easily cheapest for us to attempt but its still HUGELY expensive…

Sorry to hear that, maybe next year.
We will certainly look to possibly attend yours in 2010, depending on when??

we’d love to see you there :smiley: I think this year they were looking at mid-march but i’m not completely sure.
look us up if you’re over here!

We are going to be returning to the hawaii regional this year. It was easily the best regional we went to last year and we look forward to this year.

Awesome! One of the highlights (the Team Social) will be maintained through the generosity of BAE Systems. We are happy to have with us this season 2629 from Mexico and the first team out of the Philippines 3105!

For me it was not just the best regional of the year, but the best regional I have ever been to (and I have been to quite a few). I would give the Hawaii Regional my highest recommendation to anyone considering going.

Well, don’t be disappointed to not see real time scoring for much of the regional. Apparently the real time scoring devices for the Official Scorers didn’t arrive (or haven’t been located as of yet). Going to be all the more difficult to determine if you’re on the cusp of some G14’s. A set is supposedly going to be overnighted but probably won’t see implementation until Saturday. yay…

Best of luck to all!