2009 Indiana FIRST Robotics Conference - 10/10/2009


Purdue FIRST Programs will be hosting the 2009 Indiana FIRST Robotics Conference on October 10, 2009. The event will feature a wide range of presentation for FRC Teams, Students, and Mentors. The event is open to the public and any is willing to attend.

The event will take place in Wetherill & Stanley Coulter Halls on the campus of Purdue University. The doors will open at 8:30 AM and the conference should last until 3:45 PM.

A schedule of the sessions is posted here. If you would like to come, I encourage you to forward these schedules to your teams so that your students/mentors can get an idea for what they would like to attend before arriving to the conference. There is a possibility of adding a couple more sessions to the list; if this happens, a revised schedule will be sent out.

Attached is a map of Purdue’s campus and directions for parking. These are also available through an interactive Google Map located here: Google Map

The parking situation is similar to the Boilermaker Regional. Cars may park in the University Street parking garage in “A” parking places, not reserved parking places. Buses can drop off students in front of Stanley Coulter Hall and will park in the Harrison Street lot. A shuttle is available to pick up bus drivers if necessary.

Lunch will not be provided by the venue. There are many reasonably priced lunch options within walking distance of the venue. The Google Map link above highlights 15 restaurants in which the teams can eat.
Other options are available as well and teams are more than welcome to bring their lunch and eat at the venue.

The event is open to the public, including teams from outside Indiana. There will be no registration at the event, but we would like to know if your team is planning on coming and how many people you are planning on bringing. Please email us and let us know a rough estimate of how many people will be coming with your team.

Thanks and please let us know if there are any questions.

Brant Bowen

Steve Florence

Seriously, people pay good money to see this stuff in ATL!

Look at the people you can learn from, Beatty, Baker, Anderson, Noble, Flo, Elston and many more (Oh and me too :slight_smile:

If you live within driving distance you should be there.

Will this be webcast, recorded, archived, etc? Looking to see if any one is going to post notes, ustream broadcast, etc.

Long way from Texas to get there and we are in the middle of a contest right now here.

Looks like so many sessions I would love to attend.

I will have the slides for presentations posted onto a page on the Purdue FIRST Programs. Most of the speakers should not have a problem with this, but some of them might. We will post as many as allowed.

After the fact as I did not think to advertise on C.D. as I used the direct email to Texas FTC and FRC teams approach, but Alamo FTC hosted a FIRST conference for FTC and FRC teams this last Saturday, November 14th. Not quite as encompansing as the Indiana event but a solid start. I am looking for volunteers to help plan and develop presentors for the next go round of the Alamo FIRST conference. If interested send me a note or give me a ring.::safety::

Alamo FIRST Conference.doc (40.5 KB)

Alamo FIRST Conference.doc (40.5 KB)