2009 IRI entries? Volunteers? Spectators?

OK!!! Now with the regular season officially over, the big question finally comes up. Who’s gonna send in a application for the 2009 Indiana Robotics Invitational? Who is also going just to volunteer? And who is going just to see the fierce competition?

Team 1538 - The Holy Cows will be submitting an application for the first time ever! We’re excited to see if we get in and get a chance to play with such a great bunch of teams.

179 and 1649 are applying as is 233 i believe. I really want to have a regional champs face off. Like FL vs SVR vs Midwest vs Michigan. It would be so much fun

Team 694 will be applying for the first time.

1503 will be applying.


You know a team 1018 is all over IRI.:cool:

I am a graduating Senior, I was wondering where I might be able to sign up to volunteer?

125 will give it a shot this year.

Pay attention to the 2009 IRI thread on CD for now, and keep checking www.indianaroboticsinvitational.org. The volunteer details will most likely appear there.

1646 will be applying once again this year. If things don’t work out with us getting in, we will volunteer.

Team 910 will definitely be applying again, and will hopefully be able to compete with everyone as we didn’t have the money to compete in Atlanta this year. I might personally volunteer and will probably manage to drag along some of the other guys to do so. :stuck_out_tongue:

I actually hope that my team could get accepted. We might be rookies but we hope that we will get accepted on account on our success this year.

I’m pushing for Team 1714 to apply this year. I might volunteer if we don’t get in anyway jsut so I get a close look at all the quality robots I had no time to see in Atlanta.

My team wants to enter but I yself will apply again to que.
I just have to see if I can do one or two days.

I’m pretty sure 233 will not be applying this year.

I’d like for 254 to return to IRI this year. We had a blast in 2007 and I’ve had a ton of fun when I went on my own in 2004 and with 968 in 2008.

Team 79 will be sending in an application.

832 will be sending in an application.

1771 will most likely be applying.

67 will be applying. Hopefully we will be attending with our backup drive team and substitute coach.

2775 is going to be applying and hopes to come “play with the big boys”