2009 IRI - Event Update

Plans are finalizing for the 2009 IRI (Indiana Robotics Invitational).
Here are some of the Highlights

July 31 - August 1
Lawrence North High School.

Entry Fee - $500
Includes competition, dinner, all activities

Application Period May 1 to May 8

After the Applications are Reviewed, 78 Teams Will Be Invited
The First 72 to Complete the Registration Process Are In

Basic Lunacy Rules, Except -
4 Team Elimination Alliances,
The Elimination Alliances can mix and match Robots and Payload Specialists
Modified Draft Order (1-8, 1-8, 8-1)
Other Rule “Tweaks” To Be Determined

Mentor Match “Elimination Tournament”
12 Teams, Randomly Created Alliances of these Teams
Separate $100 Entry Fee - All $$ Go to the IRI Charity Fund

Early Career Teams Event
Special Field Set up for Pre-Rookies and other Early Career Teams who would like more Field Time.
(These Teams are not in the 72 team IRI field.)

Charity Auction, Talent Show, Scholarships, Great Competition, and

A Few More Changes - To Be Announced….


Chris & Andy

Thanks for the update. Team 135 is planning on being there! Cannot wait, this is our way of breaking in our incoming team members, to get to see what a competition will be like.

Wow, the Mentor Matches return to IRI. Very cool.

Once the 72 teams are picked, you may want to set a deadline for that mentor round or even set-up a bidding process and deadline. It is for charity and i think alot more teams then 12 might want to get in. Opening bid $100.00. Also you might institute some rule for the placing of robots during finals and since you are going 1-8, 1-8 maybe the higher ranked team should place their robots first. Oh, and no time outs since you have four robots ready to go.

Awesome! What are the age/experience limitations of this grand escapade? Are competitors playing for honor and glory alone, or will there be some form of awesome tangible compensation bling for persevering?

throws modesty out the window - Just sayin’, but if any participating team is short a driver/copilot and wants one of the better (or luckier, I haven’t figured it out yet) IRI mentor drivers out there (2-0-1 from 2004-2006 - I even survived the Karthik/Amanda Morrison Grateful they Volunteered But Not For Their “Skills” Emergency Team 48 Drive Team Partners Scare Of 2005 :)), I will be available for “hire” and temporary team adoption…that is, if 48 isn’t already fortunate enough to participate in the mentor challenge.

I can hear teams lining up for my services already. :rolleyes:

I agree that the IRI folks could stand to make even more money for charity if teams were encouraged to bid on their entry fees, given the ample positive talk we’ve heard from many on CD about wanting to do this again.

Perhaps the drive team with the highest entry bid could receive X extra orbit balls in their robot at match start as a bonus (scale down the bonus for 2nd highest bid, 3rd highest, etc.)?

And just prior to a match, perhaps you could “sell” additional orbit balls to each team for $1 per, and perhaps pre-charged supercells for $20?

I think I’d pay $50 not to break the robot.

I think the 6 minute delay and a timeout should stay, but I think the backup bot should go.

It appears to me that they’ve already decided to keep the backup bot rule (:)). No further debate needed.

I like the backup bot rule. Its a throwback rule that gives more teams the opporunity to play in the elim’s and with the caliber of teams at IRI, there usually isn’t a short supply great bots.

1038 is excited to apply again and hopes to be competitive.

I will bid $100.00 right now to keep the serpentine. :smiley: (I just couldn’t resist)



This could become a new fundraiser -

“Alex, I would like to buy a Rule Modification for $300”

Jeff and fellow event organizers,

Thought I would let you know that 987 won’t be able to make it to IRI to defend last year’s title…we will miss the great company and competition! Best luck to all who do take part…

Given the controversial nature of the rule in question (i.e., the serpentine draft), maybe we could settle it using a non-democratic election. One in which vote-buying is actively encouraged. For example, votes might cost $100 each, and anyone can buy as many votes as she/he wishes. :]

The IRI committee might raise a lot of money for charity this way.

ga… i would love to go to IRI… ive never gotten to go =

I think Paul would probably sell his house if that’s what he had to pay to get rid of the serpentine.

Haha, Dave will have to put up some more money then if he really wants to keep the serpentine draft. I like the thought of auctioning off votes for rules, IRI Charity would make a killing I suspect. Another rule to bid on…G14. I can’t wait to finally go to IRI and have another chance to meet such great people in FIRST.

I’m a sucker for supply and demand, so how about adding the twelfth and final slot in the tournament to the silent auction? Depending on the timing of the tournament, it might be the fairest way to settle the matter across those too slow to pass the hat around their mentors.

I don’t think G14 will make a lot of money. I’ll put down $1 on removing it and I’ll wager a hundy that will be all it will take…

4 Team Elimination Alliances,
The Elimination Alliances can mix and match Robots and Payload Specialists

I want to make sure I understand this correctly. Let’s say team 100, 200, 300, and 400 are on an alliance. You can put team 100, 200, and 300 on the field with their robots, but substitute team 300’s payload specialist for team 400’s?

That’s how I’m interpreting it. I can’t imagine what else it would mean.