2009 IRI Scholarships

Below are details for applying for the 2009 IRI Scholarships. Please send your essay and your reference letters to the email address below.


Your team must be competing at the IRI for you to be eligible. These scholarships are for students who are graduating “now” and will attend college or technical school in the fall of 2009.

*Please make sure that your essay and you reference letters clearly state your name and your team. (this has been an issue in the past, and we cannot always link the student and the letters together). *

IRI Scholarships

The 2009 IRI will award multiple Technical Scholarships and one $1500 Education Focused Scholarship. The value of the Technical Scholarships has not yet been set, but will be $1000 or higher. These scholarships will go to a graduating senior student from any team competing at the 2009 IRI.

Two references are required for a student to be considered for a scholarship.
Students will be required to complete a short essay (500 words) to answer the following question:

  1. How FIRST participation has impacted your life and your future career plans.

Students will require two reference letters -

  1. A reference form from a Mentor, Engineer or Teacher on your team.
  2. A reference from one other adult.

Complete applications (Essays and Reference Letters) must be received by July 1, 2009 to be considered. Scholarship decisions will be made by the sponsoring companies.

Scholarship Criteria

Technical Scholarships
Up to four of the scholarships will focus on students pursuing engineering, science or technical fields in post-high school education.

Marcia Beatty Memorial Scholarship
Marcia Beatty was a lifelong educator and dedicated to young people. She was also a dedicated member of Team Hammond and FIRST in Indiana. To honor Marcia, the Marcia Beatty Educational Foundation and the Indiana Robotics Invitational are awarding a scholarship to a 2009 FIRST team graduate who is pursuing a career in education.

Can both reference letters be from two different mentors on the team?

Our preference is that one of the references be from someone associated with the team, and one from someone not directly associated with the team.

I have a question and concern.

When I sent the email to the link about, it bounced back. I receive the mailer-daemon failure notice email. I resent it today (july 2nd as soon as I got off work). Am I still qualified for the scholarship?

PM please.

Megan Colwell
Cyber Blue 234

DK’s server has been flaky. I would PM Fultz.

The same exact thing happened to me. I ended up emailing my essay and reference letters to Mr. Fultz, after PMing him, just to be safe. You should PM him and ask for instructions on what to do.

Ok so I just got my rebound for my stuff too. I wonder if we try again and copy the rebound email if they will let it slide.

DK’s server has been flaky. I would PM Fultz.

I think it’s the server because the TechnoKats website is down too.

For all who are getting this problem when applying to scholarships:

Send your scholarship application to Chris Fultz at this address: chrisfultz-at-att.net

Thanks for your patience on this.