2009 IRI Talent Show

We all know that the IRI is cool off-season FIRST Roboitcs Compeititon that happens to take place before and after an AWESOME TALENT SHOW.

Since 2004, many talented acts have graced the stage at the IRI Talent Show…

an Exploding Bacon member singing about Starbucks Latte Boys
Killer Bees rocking out
TechnoKats banging with Maxwell’s Hammer
and even some interesting dance displays.

There is even a competition, with a distinguished panel of judges. One year, a flutist won, while another year a banjo player took home the title. Can this year’s crop of talent measure up to the fabulous acts we have seen in the past? I think so.

The 2009 IRI Talent Show will once again be held in the auditorium at Lawrence North High School, and begin at 7:00pm on July 31.

If you have a unique skill, skit or talent that you think is worthy for the IRI Talent Show, please email me with this information by July 24th:

  1. Outline of your act, with a script or lyrics or detailed description
  2. Any technical needs your act requires (microphone, etc.)
  3. Number of people in your act

A committee will review your act outline. All acts must be “family friendly” and not inappropriate. All acts must perform during a try-out time, beginning at 1:00pm in the auditorium. All acts must send me an email with their outline and needs information as listed above. Acts are subject to approval. All acts must be 6 minutes long or less.

Please use this thread to ask questions, make requests, or post your favorite memories from past IRI talent shows.

Also, after the talent show is completed, we all get to rock and roll with the boys from Dean Simmons and the Kamen Brothers.

Andy Baker

please no fishboy!

The talent show is always a good time. I would definitely suggest two things:

  1. Everyone stay to watch! It’s fun, funny, and lets you hang out with other teams as well.

  2. Everyone should, at some point, try to be a part of the talent show itself. I did it once. While it was a little nerve-wracking, it was probably the most fun I’ve had at IRI.

Can’t wait to see it again this year!

Also, that Taylor the Latte Boy song was definitely one of my favorite acts that I’ve seen.

Any word on possible acts yet? Last years “hints” were cool. :smiley:

looks like the MidKnight Inventors may be scheming something up…I’m a little worried- I feel like the plan is to embarass me as much as possible…it’ll be good entertainment for you guys, though. :slight_smile:

I’m excited!

Submitted. I love the talent show…

Hmmm. Six minutes. I watched a show where a house was built in a matter of hours. I saw a small block chevy motor put together in in aobut 20 minutes. I wonder if a Kitbot could be assembled in 6 minutes?

I think it takes 6 minutes just to boot the cRIO to make sure it works x_x

Count me in!!!

As for a hint… think of everything you’ve wanted to do to your robot when you’re frustrated two days before ship and nothing is working… :yikes:

Sounds pretty neat, but I am not sure they will allow large amounts of explosives in the auditorium…

1902 will be participating again this year, we hope to blow the Walls off thE auditorium this year. Transforming from normal geeks into phenomenal actors and actresses. We hope to bring Indiana the entertainment it’s Jonesing for. If only our Toyota Matrix cars could get us there faster.

As for hints, well, we’ll see if I can think something up:yikes:

Hey! At least be kind of subtle… (like I was! :yikes:)

If it’s anything like what I’ve heard in the past you guys’ve done it should be great.

I have a Dan Green story from the 2008 IRI Talent Show that I’ve been thinking about sharing. It’s a quiet one, not a big loud brassy one, but it is very telling.

The Talent Show judges have to figure out how to get through or stop whatever they are involved in, grab some food, scarf it down, and head to the auditorium to be ready for the Talent Show. In the times that I’ve participated, everyone has been where they were supposed to be, ready to say hello to the teams when introduced.

Last year, I found my way into the auditorium (it is always an adventure for me) and looked up on the stage to see Dan sitting at the judges’ table eating his dinner. I laughed and he shrugged and said, “Andy said to go to the auditorium so here I am,” and kept eating.

It was cool in the auditorium and darkish and quiet, the teams hadn’t entered to grab seats yet, and Dan had a table to eat from - but he probably didn’t think about that. He just stopped what he was planning on doing (obviously preparing to eat dinner) and headed to the auditorium with his plate of food.

I thought that was cool in that Dan is one of our terrific leaders in FRC - one of our ‘rock stars’ from a powerhouse team that he has helped become a powerhouse team, yet he followed Andy’s directions simply, quietly, and with a humility that’s hard to describe - but you know it when you see it.

It has to do with respect.

Looking forward to '09

Good subtle-ness. :slight_smile:

Ah. I was wondering what you meant by that. ::ouch::

Do you think that those might end up becoming next year’s game pieces? If that’s the case, then even the defensive bots might stand a chance as scorers…

hey, i was just wondering if anyone has video of the winning talent from IRI talent show 2009 of that piano piece… I did a quick search on youtube but didn’t find anything…

if anyone has a link plz post :slight_smile:

Did anyone put up videos of the talent show on youtube? Being in it means you miss a few acts.

Not to mention you miss what the judges wrote on the whiteboards in said acts. Other than Dave running backstage holding a sign with “He Wins” hastily scribbled on it.

I’ve found these so far on You Tube.

I really enjoyed the acts at this year’s Talent show! Thanks to all the teams that made it so awesome!