2009 IRI- Who has applied?

<This is an unofficial thread>

So, who all has applied for the 2009 Indiana Robotics Invitational?

Team 1646 Boiler Precision Guessworks have!

234 has submitted.


PantherTech, team #292 has applied.

1902 has just submitted.

Someone please post when they receive their email acknowledging receipt of application.

(I printscreened the “Thank you for your submission!” screen, just in case. :cool: )

EDIT - we received it.

I recieved an email stating “Thank you for applying for the 2009 IRI. You will soon be contacted on your status of your application” about 2 minutes after I clicked submit.

1649 has applied.

1625 Winnovation has enthusiastically applied!:smiley:

829 has applied!

so far we have:


1747 will, if we haven’t already

Team 2194, Fondy Fire, has respectfully submitted, and is ready to fire up this competition!

179 just threw our name into the hat

MOE applied.

868 applied today! yay!

Super excited!:slight_smile:

2753 applied,

Have to see if we get accepted. :smiley:

Krunch applied

PINK did too

217 has also applied, and I believe Paul will be MCing again.

Team 694 has just applied!

Now we wait…