2009 Joysticks in 2010 <R80>

This question will be posted on the Q&A board, but for now I thought I would run it by the CD crowd.

My reading of <R80> says we can’t use the joysticks from last years KOP. The only exception I can figure is for Rookie teams.

<R80> The DRIVER STATION provided in the KOP is the only system permitted to collate driver/operator inputs and communicate them to the ROBOT. Operator Interfaces **and devices from previous FIRST competitions **shall not be used.
Bold was my addition.

How do you interpret this?

Someone should run this by Q & A. There’s no reason they’d do this. You can buy these joysticks on the market; I don’t know why FIRST would restrict you in their use.

Well only rookie teams received new joysticks so they are probably assuming that you use last years provided ones.

In the definition of Drivers Station in the Robot Section of the manual:

DRIVER STATION - The collection of the Classmate PC, FirstTouch I/O Module and breadboard provided in the KOP, and a USB hub (either the one provided in the KOP, or a team-supplied USB hub device).

It does not mention joysticks so I would believe any USB controling devices are legal or is this incorrect?

My interpretation, based on the context, is that they are not referring to joysticks, but to the IFI OIs and last year’s DS. Seeing as the joysticks are COTS, it’s kind of crazy to exclude them.

For earlybird, Section 8.3.10 has the full Operator Console rules. No restriction is placed on USB devices that I can find.