2009 KOP and Field CAD in Inventor '08/STEP?

Our school computers do not like to download Inventor 2009, so we’re using Inventor 2008 for now.

We’ve gathered as many KOP models and such as we could that can be opened in Inventor 2008, but we’re missing some important models.

I do agree with others who wish FIRST and their partners would supplement their KOP CAD libraries with STEP file versions of all models. A common fileshare that people using most any CAD software could access. I know partners wish to promote the use of their own software by releasing “bleeding edge” versions, as someone else put it, but at what expense to the community, especially those without “bleeding edge” equipment or skills?

If someone has 2009 playing field models (especially the outposts and fueling stations with airlocks) they could share in Inventor 2008 and/or STEP format, it would save us much time.