2009 Long Beach Regional

I took some pictures of the Pits and Field at the Long Beach (LA) Regional. A bunch of people told me they looked cool, so I thought I would share them. http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3435/3352291293_475b21e174.jpg

whoa? what on earth did you do to these shots? they look fake. Do you have a higher res you can post? Did you do HDR on it?


Definitely would be interested in higher resolution versions if you have them.


Those are most definitely HDR, notice the color of the field and the blurriness of the people in the bottom left of the second photo. Neat anyways though.

Yes. They were supposed to be link-ified but it doesnt look like they are any more. The high res are here. Click on “All Sizes” at the top.

Cool shots but I was at the regional and the colors are fake

I like they way the pics look. It almost looks like a story book or a sketch you’d see as a artist rendering of the event. Very cool.

Cool! What tool did you use to HDR them?

low and behold im smack dab in the middle of that second picture

They are not fake, but are saturated by a factor of 2.5. So the colors are just exaggerated.

I used Qtpfsgui http://qtpfsgui.sourceforge.net/

BTW, the appearence of these photos is not a result of HDR, but of tone mapping if you want to be more specific. Did you compose these from a single RAW or multiple exposures?

I used 3 Exposures, over and under exposed two stops, which is the reason for the ghosting of some moving objects.

What camera did you use that allowed you to take these three shots at different settings in such rapid succession?

The camera I used was a Canon EOS Rebel XSi 450D. http://www.flickr.com/cameras/canon/eos_digital_rebel_xsi/ While I could do it manually, my camera has a setting that allows me to do it easily. The setting that allows me to do this is called “AEB”, or Auto Exposure Bracketing. I set it to take pictures over and under exposed by two stops, as well as a correctly exposed shot. I then put it on a tripod, and press the button. Most DSLR’s have AEB, usually hidden in a settings menu.

Wow, these are really cool shots. I think I see myself in our pit. :smiley:

Neat pics, our robot is at the bottom center of the field picture, with two of our drive team members.

Oh…and Hi Steve!