It’s official. The 2009 Marc event is official so please mark your calenders. We had an outstanding turnout last year and are looking forward to an even better event this year. Especially with a pig roast for our team social. Attached are the fliers and registration forms for the event. The deadline for the entry form is May 30th and the non-refundable entry fee is due by June 14th. Please pay close attention to the volunteering because there is a team discount for those who help ref and que. We have a new volunteer coordinator this year and I want to personally thank Lisa Perez for taking on this position. Anyone interested in volunteering please wait for Lisa to complete our volunteering needs and she will post it.

MARC Informational Flyer.doc (27 KB)


MARC Informational Flyer.doc (27 KB)

MARC Informational Flyer.doc (27 KB)

If you need a team que I can help again.


That would be great. We sure could use your help. By the way, I am in the works with getting the school to remove the center door jamms (at my cost of course) so our robots can easily get through the doors. Trust me queing will be a lot better this year.

Hopefully 910 will be returning again. The past two years have been awesome, so I’m looking forward to coming back, and I know the team is too.

I hope we we can go too. Last year MARC was a blast, and by far the better of the two off season events we attened.

Hopefully team 240 will be able to go…I missed their regular season competitions, and I’d like to see them in action at least once this year.

i know my team can’t wait for the marc for three reasons one it’s our home field :slight_smile: second the new hog roast ketron and i are planning and third all the great team that will be coming to our event and hopefully some of the teams will let me get behind the wheel of there amazing bots :slight_smile: :yikes: :smiley:

I’d rather have more people work que.

I am working hard to get que up to you and six others (so you all can have plenty of breaks and enjoy the enterainment). Also, I have submitted the paperwork to have the doors jamms at the entry points into the gym be replaced with removeable ones. This will allow us to have the robots come in one side of the gym and exit the other side. I believe this will ease the flow of robots.

I should be able to volunteer and would be glad to help Koko with queuing, or wherever you most need the help. I think you’ll be able to get two or three more from our team as full time volunteers, but don’t quote me on that.

To clear up some confusion people had about our flyer ($150 for returning MARC teams) this is for the first year teams that came to marc pay $150

$200 for teams new to the MARC Competition means any team that did not come from the first year

hey everyone the first championships just finished and it was a good one but now that the championships are over it’s time to think about the off seasons and the funnest one this year will be the M.A.R.C Event it is a two day event friday and saturday for $200 for all teams that were not at the first year of M.A.R.C this year we will be having a hog roast social with video games and cards so it should be alot of fun so i am hoping alot of teams come were looking at 42 teams but if we get more offers we will try to work things out to fit more.

Is this an invite only?

We missed it last year, i hope we can make it this year!

no this is not an invite event it’s more first come first serve but like i have stated if we get past our 42 team limit we are looking at ways to expand to fit more teams but it open to anyone who wants to come so feel free to register and if you have any other qeustions just leave a post and i will check. so i hope you guys can make it

Currently there are 10 teams that said they are coming for sure with 9 returnees that said they had a blast last year. This year is going to be even better with the hog roast social. These all are excellent teams that know how to have a good time and I know this event will be a blast already. We are still looking for volunteers so if you are interested please contact Lisa. By the way 910 gave me a recommendation of a talent show with the pig roast. I think this will be an excellent idea. Any other suggestions please feel free to comment.

The teams on my list are:

for the marc event were trying to see if we can fit in a single elimination mentor match to play at the MARC event so that us mentors can show our skill behind the wheel of the machienes we help build what do other ppl think of this idea???

I really encourage everyone to come to this event. Even in its first year just getting started it was a ton of fun, and last year was fantastic. With the pig roast and other fun stuff going on I’m sure it will be even better this year.

I am pretty sure that team 47 will be there this year. We had a blast the first year of MARC but the change of dates last year prohibited us from returning last year. Hope to see everyone there.

Received 47’s registration form a couple days ago. I also just received word that 1732 will be traveling again from Wisconsin for our event. Combined with the teams mentioned earlier, I know that I am going to enjoy hosting this event. Thanks to all those teams that consistantly come back year after year.