2009 Monty MADNESS: We're Backk......Again

JOIN US FOR the 2009 Monty Madness Off-Season Event
Hosted by Team 1403 Cougar Robotics

[size=]When: May 16, 2009

Where: Montgomery High School, 1016 Route 601, Skillman, NJ 08558

Who: The Madness is open to the public, and will bring together 42 (FORTY-TWO) FIRST Robotics teams from the Tri-State Area.


  • 42 FRC teams in an intense day of competition

  • FTC teams competing for the winning spot

  • College Fair hosting colleges trying to attract FIRST team members

  • CRAZY FUN that can be found NO WHERE ELSE!!!

Questions or concerns please post here, send a message to me or feel free to visit our website.

Monty is huge now, wow. Awesome. We’ll be there as always ^_^.

Current Team List.

FRC Team 11 - MORT - Mt. Olive High School, Flanders, NJ

FRC Team 25 - Raider Robotix - North Brunswick Twp High School, NJ

FRC Team 75 - RoboRaiders - Hillsborough High School, NJ

FRC Team 102 - Gearheads - Somerville High School, NJ

FRC Team 103 - Cybersonics - Palisades High School, Kintnersville, PA

FRC Team 136 - Killer Kardinals - Plainfield High School, NJ

FRC Team 219 - Team Impact - Warren Hills Regional HS, Washington, NJ

FRC Team 224 - The Tribe - Piscataway High School, Piscataway, NJ

FRC Team 271 - Mechanical Maraduers - Bay Shore High School, NY

FRC Team 293 - SPIKE - Hopewell Valley High School, Hopewell, NJ

FRC Team 303 - Panther Robotics - Bridgewater-Raritan High School, NJ

FRC Team 341 - Miss Daisy - Wissahickon High School, Ambler, PA

FRC Team 484 - The Haverford Vikings - Haverford HS, Havertown, PA

FRC Team 613 - The RoboWarriors - Franklin High School, Somerset, NJ

FRC Team 869 - Power Cord - Middlesex High School, NJ

FRC Team 1237 - L.E.S. Cyborgs - University Neighbor HS, New York, NY

FRC Team 1279 - Cold Fusion - Immaculata High School, Somerville, NJ

FRC Team 1302 - Revolution Robotics - Pope John Regional HS, Sparta, NJ

FRC Team 1370 - The Blue Charge - Middletown High School, Middletown, DE

FRC Team 1396 - PYROBOTS - Tottenville High School, Staten Island, NY

FRC Team 1403 - Cougar Robotics - Montgomery Township High School, NJ

FRC Team 1647 - Iron Devils - Seneca High School, Tabernacle, NJ

FRC Team 1807 - Redbird Robotics - Allentown, NJ

FRC Team 1923 - MidKnight Inventors - West Wndsr-Plainsboro HS North, NJ

FRC Team 2016 - Mighty Monkey Wrenches - Ewing High School, NJ

FRC Team 2070 - Ridgefield Robotics - Ridgefield Memorial High School, NJ

FRC Team 2180 - Zero Gravity - Steinert High School, Hamilton, NJ

FRC Team 2495 - Hornets - Hamilton West High School, Hamilton, NJ

FRC Team 2577 - Big Blue Robotics - The Pingry School, Martinsville, NJ

FRC Team 2590 - Nemesis - Robbinsville High School, Robbinsville, NJ

FRC Team 2753 - Team Overdrive - Teen Technology, Bridgewater, NJ

Thank you, I was just about to get to it, now I don’t have to go searching.

it will be awesome this year like before… maybe even better :stuck_out_tongue:
i wish lot of you guys come and have fun!!

1923 can’t wait for Monty Madness! :slight_smile: Just gotta get through the Championship first…

Hmm…3 days before my birthday? Still a toss up if I’ll be going or not. Anyone from Rochester going that I might be able to hitch a ride with?

Good luck at Championships!! You guys will do great.

hmm…birthday huh?? you should definetely come then.

I was impressed with the event last year when I attended for the first time. I suppose that is why our team returns to the event year after year. Gorgeous school too by the way. Glad to see so many local teams going… as big as some regionals this year.

First time we will be attending the main event and not be sitting outside in the hallway with our smaller robots. :stuck_out_tongue:

Monty is set to be great! Can’t wait to meet everyone once again.

it will be awesome to see you guys again!! it will be even more fun with LUNACY this year :wink:

Oh YAY!! btw you guys were Great at the trenton regional!! I cant wait to see Team Overdrive and the awsome robot again!!

When does registration close? We wont know if we can go till right after nats.

I think I have to go. I’ve been to every Monty Madness so far. :slight_smile:

well there is no setted due date for the team registration but it’s better to register as soon as possible because we only can hold 42 teams and so far we have 30 teams registered and have only 12 open slots left. here is the link for Monty madness team registration www.montymadness.org/default.htm which you can find more details about team registration and other infos. Hope I can see you guys at the Monty Madness and GOOD LUCK AT THE NATIONAL COMPETITION!!! :slight_smile:

Course i’m going to be there
can’t wait to see all the great teams again it’s gonna be awesome

I’ll be there, as long as graduation isn’t the same day!

ohh your from Team Mercury!! 2009 NJ Chairmans award!! was awesome well yea hope to see you at the Monty Madness;)

Hey guys,

This year’s game seems to be very hard to maintain with the new control system and the 120 moon rocks flying everywhere. So we were wondering if there is anyone who has scored before or volunteered with the field that would help us out by coming over to Monty. The benefits of volunteering, you HAVE FUN, and you get a FREE Polo (Thanks to Van Heusen).

http://montymadness.org/Contact%20Us.html - Just fill out the form, and be there at Monty Madness.


Yay! It’s not the weekend of the NASCAR race in Dover!!! I should be there and I’m stoked about coming!!! It all comes down to whether or not my fiance and I have to go to Minnesota that weekend… but it is on my calendar :smiley:

Sara, graduation is overrated :stuck_out_tongue: lol. I’m graduating the 13th and I know Rutgers has things around the same time as RVCC lol. That’s how I kept track of what my brother was doing :stuck_out_tongue: lol

looks like 694 is gonna be able to make the trip this year. its going to be our first ever off season event and it looks like its going to be a good one.