2009 NASA/VCU Regional

The NASA/VCU Regional looks to be a blast again this year! At this point, my attendance is fuzzy, but look at is as more room for you! :smiley:

Only 10 spots left, don’t miss your chance to register!


Good luck everyone! Wish we could be there (too bad during week 4). Easily the most friendliest group of competitors. Every other regional could take a page out of this regional’s GP.


Ah, looks like it will soon be time for me to come out of hibernation and volunteer at this regional. It’s pretty far out still but I definitely plan to volunteer!

Good luck to all the teams that plan to journey to Richmond in March! :slight_smile:

Team 388 wishes everyone good luck, and will see you guys at the competition!


Sparky will be there…10 Years for NASA/VCU Regional and Sparky

540 will be there too!!

We cant wait to see everyone at this years regional.
Best of luck to everyone.

Make sure you wear that bright red aloha shirt! :wink:

Watch for the wings this year

1610 will not be competing this year, because of a lack of facility to build in. We were kicked out of the school shop, and the school system did not see the need to find the team another place to build. We hope to return for the 2010 season.

Even though 1610 will be absent, I will be back at VCU volunteering again.

good luck to all teams attending

:smiley: Helloooooo form the North East
This year TEAM 88 TJ2 will be at the VCU Regional for the FIRST time. Hope we have a great time its a long ride in the bus 10 -12 hrs. see all the great teams soooooooon.:yikes:
MOE and team 88 TJ2 {the TYE DYE team} oh yeah???

team 1086 will be there, yet again!!! we can’t wait! looking forward to some great competition!!:smiley:


Team 587 is not going for the first time.

Will do! , when I helped MC the Robot Rumble here in richmond I wore that bright red aloha shirt.

were you guys at championship during aim high and rack and roll?
If so , I think yall lent my team a CMU2 Camera during rack and roll.

Hellooooo from the North East:yikes:
Yes that was us, great to here from you see ya soooooon. oh yeah ???
OH YEAH !!!:smiley:
MOE and team 88 TJ2

Team 1522 will be there once again! It’ll be great to see some teams in the double digits, I haven’t seen any below 116 for a while in Richmond.

Good luck to everyone this year! Best of wishes!

Hey everyone this is Atlee 1599 looking forward to seeing everyone at the competition and good luck! if anyone has any questions about the robot or the game just give me an email! :stuck_out_tongue:

Good Luck Everyone!
Team 122 will be there!
Hope this year will be one for the books :]