2009 NASA/VCU Regional

Who’s ready for this weekend?!! WOOOOO


  • Meez

our robot on 2363 has recived ALOT of modifications…based on our preformance at the nj regional we decided that our shooter/turret was not the best way to go so by adding a curved peice of metal to our shooter we transformed it into a dumper and our turret is stilll fully operational

this is a very difficult game

Goochland has been ready to go for 4 weeks. We can’t wait to get on the field, errr… crater!

Its a field. It will feel good to be under some pressure at home again. DC felt like a garage compared to the Siegel Center.

haha…we’ve been ready to go for about a day, design revision wise…:yikes:

After hearing what you guys have been up to in the weeks since Ship has convinced me that we have to have a prototype (2 robots) next year to work on.

I agree; it seems like having two robots worked out very well for most teams.
We created a prototype base and hopper, but we did not have time to create the dumping mechanism.
Maybe next year our team will be able to create two working robots :cool:

On another note…

Where are you guys staying during VCU? I know we are at a hotel nearby, but is everyone staying at the same hotel (if so that’s gonna be crowded).

it is deffinetly a big help…the down side is now we have a ton of stuff to change come thursday morning:eek:

1086 just drives there every day…luckily its only a 20-30min drive

Team 383 is already in the USA! Currently touring Washington, DC, driving to Richmond on Wednesday. :smiley:

If you want to stretch your legs during along day in the stands, take a little walk and stop by the Lunacy simulator in Tech Row up on the concourse.

Bring a couple of friends and try for high score. Be one of the high scoring alliances and come back to compete in a play-off.


HELLOOoo from the North East :smiley:
We will leave at 5 am should take about 10-12 hrs. on Wed.:rolleyes: Hope we have a great time at this Reg. looking forward to seeing some old friends. this is a full one 60 teams should be a HOOT. See all soooooon. We trade TYE DYE shirts!!!:wink:

MOE and TEAM 88 TJ2 TYE DYE for ever oh yeah ??? OH YEAH !!!

Team 2068 will be making the trip down 95 this evening, our students protested the idea of making it tomorrow morning.

We want to give the 5th Gear guys a plug, if you get a chance you want to stop by and play a match its lots of fun.

Team Awkward Turtle is leaving at 5:00PM today and we are excited to go. We are ready to play some Lunacy!

1793 will see everyone there tomorrow, we leave at 0600.

I hope everyone travels safely to VCU and the best of luck to everyone. I’ll be at the doors to the Siegel Center around 7am, so if you see a tired looking guy wearing this t-shirt:
top by and say hi if you wish!

I will not be at pit admin this year; instead FIRST is going to have me put my quickly-developed photography skills to the test by having me serve as a volunteer photographer. FIRST wants me to take photos of volunteers for the mosaic. However, that’s not to say I won’t be taking photos of everything else at the regional; I’ll be setting up my tripod and a video camera from time to time to record some time-lapses of the pits like I did last year. So if you see a guy in a volunteer shirt walking around with a camera, don’t hurt him, because that’s me! :stuck_out_tongue:

I won’t be there during the day tomorrow, but I will be there from about 5 to 8, and all day Friday and Saturday. Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

Good luck to everyone! From DOTM 1522!
See you in a few hours. xD

looking forward to some excellent competition!!! Good luck all from team 1086!


It was an exceptional day today…good luck to everyone tomorrow! :wink:

Team 2068 would like to remind everybody that does not yet have one of our buttons that you just need to stop the student running around in the black cloak (covered in our buttons) with a lightsabre and ask for one.