2009 National Instruments FRC Offseason Competition-Austin

So at the Lone Star Regional everyone got “invited” to an Offseason Competition in Austin that is being hosted by NI. What teams are going? Have any of you contacted them trough the email in the flyer regarding registration and/or $$?

We participated in the Dallas regional, I know we got a phone call the other day…
My Team Coach and I talked about it… our first concern was money, considering it wouldn’t be cheap for us to take the robot and even a basic team down there to compete.

We had a good chuckle since the person who called from NI suggested it would be great because we could replay this years game. I am not sure how the other teams feel about this, but I know with the stress our rookie team has been under, a break from all this Lunacy would be nice. My Coach made a suggestion of some sort of Weight-class system with Heavy, Middle, and Feather lights with varied weight restrictions to change things up a little bit.

I think it would be cool but as a team we need to consider the financial side and track down some more details on the event

Hopefully, details of the event will be known to the teams sometime in the very near future so that everyone can begin planning and making arrangements, financially and travel-wise. It’s wonderful to know that N.I. is planning a great off season competition in Austin and that teams are excited about the it.

My Coach actually received an e-mail from them a couple of days ago:

"Hello Coaches and Mentors!

National Instruments is considering an Offseason FRC Competition based on the Lunacy game at their NIweek in Austin on August 5th & 6th. This is a great opportunity for you to have a chance to improve your robot and have another chance to compete in another competition with teams across Texas.

NI has asked that I solicit your input. They are wanting to know—if they plan this event—will your team most likely plan to participate. (we’re not asking for registration—just if you are interested in this and would consider participation)

August 5-6th in Austin, TX at NIweek
$300.00 entry fee
Your team’s robot
You will have pit space
Omni Downtown Hotel-- $99.00 per night

On a scale of 1-10 (1— definitely not coming and 10—wouldn’t miss this for the world) how likely is it that you would plan to attend and compete?

Please respond to this email with your team number and number of likelihood by the end of the day!!!

Likelihood to participate:

Thank you!!!

Lindsey E. Weldon
Assistant Regional Director, FIRST North Texas
For Inspiration & Recognition of Science and Technology

If someone needs more info, her e-mail address is lweldon@usfirst.org