2009 New Jersey Regional

So who’s going to be making another trip to Trenton this upcoming season?

Of course, MORT will be at our home regional once again. Expect even more powerhouse teams this year.

Join us at what is always a highly competitive and lively competition. Don’t forget about all that GP packed into the Sovereign Bank Arena!

So who’s ready?:cool:

Of course 1089 would be there! We wouldn’t miss our home regional!

Looking forward to seeing everyone again. =)

Count me in :o)… I just have to make sure everything is ok with work first…

I’m about to check the FIRST site to get an idea of when everything is going on.

See you all there! :smiley:

Sadly I will have to miss my first NJ Regional since 2001 (back when it was the mid-atlantic regional). Unfortunately the boston regional was moved to week 2 which threw a big gigantic ugly wrench into our plans for the competition season and is causing me to miss good ol NJ, but I’m sure NJ can hold it down without me :wink:

1676 will surely be there - how could we miss it? I’m just not sure I can bring myself to think that far in advance…:eek:


Hmmm I am not sure if we are going to the New Jersey regional but I would sure love to go and have the same result as last year.

team 2016 shall be there, see you all there!

[Free HUGS!]

We’ll do our best Brandon;)

Team Overdrive #2753 is signed up and ready.

Looking forwards to seeing everyone there. :smiley:

Team 1807 is registered for our 4th year at NJ, hopefully we will go to NYC again as well.

well, it’s official 816 will be back in trenton one more year!!!

It’s officially official. The MidKnight Inventors will be joining the party in the Sovereign Bank Arena once more.

What time is it? It’s Knight time.

2495 will be there as well, and possibly the phili regional depending on how much spare cash we have left.

Last year was great cant wait to do it again :slight_smile:

We’re signed up for Philly and just waiting for the 2nd registration period to open up. =)

Of course Extreme Heat will there ready to go in our fire pants!!

103 will be making an apperance at jersey again this year

Is there a team social for NJ?

If there isn’t one currently planned I hope that one could hopefully BE planned. I’m willing to help out with planning if needed! (That was originally discussed between myself and members of the Team Leadership Assembly… but nothing really came of it)

Awww did you miss us that much at your other regionals last year Stogi, you decided to go to the same ones as us. Hope we get to work with you guys this year. But Yeah I am always excited for Jersey. Sure it will be tons of fun this year.