2009 New York City Regional

2009 New York City Regional-

We are week two for 2009. That’s like primetime!

Dates are Thursday March 6 to Sunday March 8.

A big Welcome Back to all the teams that attended last year and Big Welcome to all the new teams attending the NYC Regional!

We are at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in the heart of Manhattan.
Easily accessible from NJ or Long Island schools or hotels.

We’re thinking about it…:slight_smile:

This year I’ll be there Rich… Look for me in Queuing or Repair & Reset / Setup & Breakdown…

My preferences are in VIM’s…

270 might go… look forward to it

237 will be back. 2002 was the last time we were there.

Oo, Oo, remember what happened the last time either of us were at NYC? :smiley:

i was wondering since i heard about there being two fields if it is going to be separate divisions like at nationals or teams going back and forth between fields and teams from either field picking teams from the other.

Looks like we might be attending.

anyone booking hotels yet? If so, where are you residing?
Hotels in NYC seem pretty expensive, especially around the Javits center. Will FIRST teams get a group rate?

For Long Island, New Jersey, and teams within a two hour drive, I would recommend commuting to the NYC Regional.
You can use private or public bus or railroad.
The 34th St. Penn Station is a easy walk to the Javits.
Grand Central Station is a bus ride.
And the Port Authority Bus Terminal is only a short bus or walk away.

If you would like to stay, there are many non-Mahattan hotels available around LaGuardia Airport (the closest), Newark Airport and Kennedy Airport.

There also many hotels in New Jersey that are very close to Manhattan; Hoboken, Weehawken, Secaucus, Meadowland, etc.

Good Luck!

I am sad to report that the two field plan is not likely for 2009.
It is mainly due to the economic situation in NYC.

We are still planning on FRC, FTC, and FLL under the same roof at the Javits Center.

hey Rich, long time no see (i remembered i contactd you via PM)

this is francis lewis team, we are now team 3017, pretty much ready for fire!

1807 is coming back for a third time. This is going to be challenging, the week right after NJ. We haven’t done back-to-back regionals before. im going to be so tired…

Hello FRC Team Contacts –

Below are details regarding the 2009 FRC Remote Kick-off being held at Polytechnic Institute of NYU (formerly Polytechnic University). Please share this information with members of your team.

If you have questions, please contact Ana Martinez at 718-260-3383 or at [email protected] .

Many thanks for all that you do,

Best holiday wishes,

Ana Martinez and Randy Schaeffer
Regional Directors.

2009 FRC Remote Kickoff at Polytechnic Institute of NYU

The 2009 FRC Remote Kickoff at Polytechnic Institute of NYU will be taking place Saturday, January 3, 2009. Polytechnic Institute of NYU will host approximately 30 teams at their Campus. Teams will be watching a broadcast presentation hosted on NASA TV or as a webcast streamed from the NASA website. Following the webcast, teams will divide and attend several workshops to prepare them for the build season.

Venue Address and Website:

Polytechnic Institute of NYU
Pfizer Auditorium
6 Metrotech Center
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Need directions to the venue? CLICK HERE

Transportation/Parking Information:

For parking information, please CLICK HERE
For public transportation information CLICK HERE

Cancellation in the Event of Inclement Weather:

In the event of adverse weather conditions, please call (718) 260-3383 starting at 6:00am. Arrangements to pick up your Kit of Parts will be made for Monday, January 5th if necessary.

In the event of cancellation, teams may watch the webcast from the NASA website at http://robotics.nasa.gov/events/2009_frcwebcasts.php. If your local cable TV system carries NASA TV, you can watch the proceedings from the comfort of your own homes. For more information click: Digital NASA TV - Please CLICK HERE for NASA Webcast info.

Event Schedule:

8:30 - 9:30am Registration, Networking
9:30 - 10:00am Welcome and Introduction
10:00 - 11:30am Downlink of Kickoff from Manchester, NH
11:30 - 12:00pm Lunch
12:00 - 3:00pm Workshops (see below)

Breakfast and Lunch:

Polytechnic Institute of NYU will provide complimentary boxed lunches to all participants. Breakfast refreshments will be available for purchase from the Poly Cafeteria.


The workshops listed below will be offered between 12:00 and 3:00pm.

  1. 2009 Game Strategies
  2. 2009 Electrical System
  3. Kit of Parts Walk Through
  4. Mechanical: Drive Train
  5. Mechanical: Chassis
  6. Mechanical: Arms
  7. The NEW FRC Controller
  8. C++ for Robotics
  9. Autonomous Programming
  10. 2009 Software Environment

Kit of Parts Distribution:

Kit distribution will begin at 11:30 at room 116.

Surrogate Kit Pickup Option

If your team is unable to pick up its KOP at the selected Kickoff, an alternate may do so on your behalf. The team unable to attend must provide FIRST with an authorization letter, signed by the main contact, on school or sponsor letterhead.
Fax the letter to Team Support at 603-666-3907 no later than December 31st, 2008 5:00 pm EST, and send a hard copy to FIRST, Attn: Team Support, 200 Bedford Street, Manchester, NH 03101. The letter must include the following:
1.) Your team number and the pick-up location;
2.) The name and team number of the representative picking up the KOP.
3.) Provide a copy of the Surrogate Kit Pickup letter to the team representative picking up the KOP for your team. This representative must bring the letter to the appropriate Kickoff.

Teams 2265 and 1155 will be attending!

Team 1302 will be attending!

3 1/2 weeks left for the BIG Apple event:

There will be
JFLL Exhibit- 10 Teams


And **YES **we need VOLUNTEERS
(Especially for FLL on Saturday and FTC on Sunday)

For FLL volunteering, feel free to contact me; I need trained referees, queuers and pit folks.

If you were to ship a tool box with extra parts to the competition, how would you go about doing that?

thank you

Just a note about shipping spare parts- if it adds a lot to the weight of the crate, you will pay for it!! Teams have gotten big bills for packing too much into their crate.

Since you are bring spare parts and I am not sure what kind of spare parts they are, there are rules on how and when robot spare parts get to the regional.

Since you live in Edison, NJ; that is a hop, ship and jump from Manhattan. You can probably carry some of the stuff.

I hope that helped.

I think I’m going to go up there. I love the Fact that NYC is a Sat and Sun so I can go both days without missing work. I’m dying to see 237 is action again.