2009 OKC Regional!!!

Who alls going?

I know team 1742 is totally stoked about the 50 teams signed up this year!!!

Hope See you there!!!

Webcast should be here. An e-mail said they will begin broadcasting at 9:30

duuude… I’m there!

how about those ‘technical issues’? the staff and volunteers did a great job recovering from the huge delay though. by the time it was all said and done, we were actually almost back on schedule. excellent job!

I watched this all unfold today, it just seemed like one crazy thing after another keep happening at OKC, good thing FIRST had the foresight to send Mark Koors aka “The Cleaner” to help out, he did a great job whipping it back in shape

Kudos to Mark

i’ll be keeping my eye on this regional tomorrow as one of my best FIRST friends teams that he now mentors (we used to be teammates on my old FRC team…1402), is currently sitting in 3rd… i hope his team can win, i wanna see them compete in atlanta

go team 2391!

Hey congrats to all the teams that showed!!! We all had an amazing time and i completly hope to see all of you guys here again!!!

If you havent competed yet, I want to wish Good Luck and i Hope to see you at Nationals!!!


In all fairness to our FTA and everyone else who helped us through Thursday’s issues and then the primary server failure on Friday (at 8:45am!), the “train wreck” was cleared Friday morning before Mark showed up. Our FTA showed remarkable resilience in working through an onslaught of untimely issues. Also, a big kudos to you Bob and Matt for your tremendous help. Having said all of that; a BIG thank-you to Mark for leaving your regional event to come to OKC and to FIRST for pulling all of the stops to make OKC a success.

Will Adams
OKC Score Keeper and 1st Week Survivor

lol well we didn’t win because our strategy was very well counter-acted, but either way we (2391,2436,2842) sure gave it a good try, it’s ok though we have a new strat. for Dallas:). Congrats alliance Shockduck!!! you guys rocked it out there!

Thank you. Everyone did an outstanding job. See you in Dallas!!!

Yea I talked with Joe Hershberger last night and he gave me the low down on alot of the things I didn’t hear through FIRST channels and talking with Dave and Will at the event :slight_smile:

Maybe the thought of “The Cleaner” coming got everyone inspired :smiley:

All said, congrats to Dave the FTA for holding it together and making it through, you have been initiated :slight_smile: And a big thanks to Joe for helping getting things back on track when it seemed the world was falling apart.

Who said FIRST was just about the robots? :wink:

Maybe it wasn’t quite “baptism by fire”, but we definitely smelled smoke!

I’d like to thank all of the people who held it together, especially the teams. I want everyone to know that in spite of the frustrations that certainly existed on Thursday and Friday, I consistently saw Gracious Professionalism at its finest. The mentors and students for fifty teams (who were certainly chomping at the bit to get it going on the field) showed great patience and understanding. Special kudos to Team 932 - they built the field and helped immensely in tear-down.

The technical support from FIRST (Matt) and 4FX (Bob) was critical in getting the Field Management System functioning. Mark Koors brought a great deal of experience to the field staff in OKC, getting things moving consistently throughout Friday and Saturday. He gave up the opportunity to watch his team win the DC regional in order to insure a successful OKC regional. We had a group of volunteers from Dell (Deborah, Nathan and Will) who made a huge impact Friday morning when we essentially had to start with a clean slate (new match schedule and new WPA keys). A host of other volunteers (queuing, inspection, scoring, referees, parts, pit admin, judges, safety, etc.), event staff, regional planning committee, etc. were all committed to doing the best job they could to make the OKC regional a success. Perseverance won out. In the end, we had a great set of elimination matches and a very deserving group of award winners.

Oh yeah, there was plenty of that good ol’ real-world “lesson learning” as well :ahh:!

Thanks, all!