2009 Phoenix Robotics

Name: “Special of the Day”


So the name Special of the Day is because we wanted to use a kind of material for the electrical mounting and the stock we got was originally meant for a deli sign so there are price listings for a variety of sandwiches.


Looks great. We’ll see you at BAE :D.

Looks like an effective dumper:)
Just wondering, are other robots going to block the camera when you are up close to other robots since it is down low? Or are you planning to be behind a trailer all of the time with you cool drive base:p ? See you guys at BAE and good luck.

Our controls team requested the camera to be mounted no less than 8" and no higher than 10" off the floor, due to the 3 weeks of code they had already written up. Unfortunately, we were plagued with 4 faulty pneumatic valves that took a good 4hour chunk of our field time at 126 Gael Force’s facilities, which led us to abandon the camera until after our regional.

The 3-sided dumper works very well in the front direction, and moderately on the sides. We had some trouble early on with the swing of the pistons when dumping sideways, but some surgical tubing and a few zipties solved that problem.

Some more pics, crappy quality.

Big thanks to team 126 Gael Force for the use of their field, tools, cooking, and friendliness!