2009 Registration

In 15 mins the registration will open for 2009 regionals and most likely FIRST’s server will bog down.

Please post how long it takes you to get through.

Site accessed at 12:00. “Add event” option available at 12:05. Event registration completed by 12:06. Not too bad.



same experience here
reg for regional and cmp in less than 7 min

Where do I go to find the “add event” option? I’m doing this for the first time. Thanks!


Never mind…I had to answer the control system question first.

I’m getting “No Events Found” with no add button. Perhaps this is because I haven’t selected the early control system preference?

Bacon is registered for the Florida Regional by 12:12pm EST

I had to fill in the
**Early Control System Shipment](https://my.usfirst.org/frc/tims/site.lasso?r=1210989&fuseaction=ship.ship)
section, then I got the add button

Registered for regional and CMP in 10 minutes. Had a few bumps, but overall good experience this time.

You have to go into the shipping options and select “no” (or “yes”) for early shipping, then the “Add Event” button will appear.

Total time was about 10 minutes, but that was because I forgot my shipping information and not a system problem. Another year starting off smoothly here.

Registration was uneventful :slight_smile:

P.S. 340 teams as of 12:24 and fast climbing

“$500.00 U.S. – Participation in a third Michigan District Event. (Michigan teams only.)”


I’ll register for the Championship after we’ve been block-registered for Seattle, lest I break something.

Registration for Michigan Events seemed to go ok, about 10 minutes. We are registered for Detroit (WSU) and Kettering.

In the informational conference call for the Michigan teams, they said we would be able to pick 1st choice and 2nd choice, but the system only gave checkboxes so there was no way for teams to prioritize #1 and #2. Hope that doesn’t become a problem when events start to fill…


pretty fast this year.:slight_smile:

Initial event registration was smooth; the new control system option wasn’t there yesterday, and needs to be completed prior to registering for an event.

There’s a little bit of a glitch in that some teams who should be allowed to register for the 2009 Championship (veteran, didn’t attend in 2008) haven’t been properly authorized to do so in the TIMS system. (This won’t affect everyone—they’re looking into who’s been missed.) Give FIRST a call at (603) 666-3906 or (800) 871-8326, and they’ll set it up for you.

Went fine for me.

Look out for Team Overdrive #2753!

We are looking forwards to an awesome year!

Team 1114 is registered for both Midwest and the Championship.

Had to call FIRST because our team wasn’t showing up for us, but they solved it quick and we got registered for the North Star Regional.

Team 1319 has registered for the Palmetto Regional. We are also excited to announce that we have registered a new rookie team that we will be mentoring from Pickens County Schools Team # 2751 we expect they will be a team to watch for this upcoming year. Please welcome them to the community.

BAE’s first to fill. Looks like an interesting mix!