2009 Rookie Meet and Greet!

Rolling Thunder, Team 1511
Announces the 2009 Rookie Meet and Greet!!

Who’s Invited: All 2009 Rookie Teams!! (and any veterans that want to meet this year’s great rookie teams!)

When: Friday, from 12:30 to 1pm

Where: Lawn under the photo banner in the Courtyard

What’s Happening:

You’ve Earned it! You’ve got your ticket to the Main Event! Now join us for a reception that’s just for the 2009 Rookies in Atlanta!

Games to break the ice!
Meet & Greet other Rookie Teams! Find out what it took for them to get to Atlanta! Share the best of the best!
All Rookie Photo Opportunity!
And best of all - ** a chance to win a GIANT ORBIT BALL signed by FIRST Teams from all over the country and some FIRST Celebrities! **

Come and join us! This is the 5th annual All Rookie Meet and Greet! Come and make it the best ever!

About the sponsors: Rolling Thunder, Team 1511 started the All Rookie Meet and Greet in Atlanta in 2005, our rookie year. We were honored to be named the Championship Rookie All Stars that year and have gone on to have 4 more great years! We love to celebrate the newest class of awesome Rookie teams in Atlanta each year! Look for the 2009 “Meet the Rookies” Booklet which will give you fun facts on this year’s Rookie All Star teams!

The giant orbit ball is sweet! Many people have been asking me for one! Come out and have some fun! It’s always a blast! And remember, the more teams that come out, the more fun it is!

For those attending, we’ve also put together booklet of all of the Rookie Teams down there for you to look at. We’re not saying anymore about any other prizes or any of the games, you’ll have to come check it out! :smiley:

Team 2910 graciously accepts!

Team 2844 will do our best to make it out to the meet and greet.

although we’re not a rookie team. i think that is a very great idea team 1511

I have to see what we are up to, but I might stop by.

Trying again! If I did this right, this is a photo of the giant orbit ball we are giving away at the Rookie Meet and Greet, being signed by Andy Grady. He was the announcer in Annapolis!

Over 100 teams have signed it so far and we will get as many more as fit on the ball by Friday at 12:30!

Our NEMO (non-Engineering Mentor Organization) 5th Annual Meeting is running from 10am to noon on Friday in C207 (all rookie mentors invited to attend), but I hope to make it out to the Rookie Meet and Greet this year to say hi to the Rookie teams!